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Overall, I'm satisfied with the ending. It felt like the producers saw the writing on the wall went out the way they wanted to. (I know they always right every season as if it was the end, but this one...yeah).

I especially loved the symmetry and call-backs to the pilot: from the play and final scene and even Nate calling things out with the vid screens lighting across his face to the one liners "Age of the Geek" and "20 lbs of crazy". I even liked the symmetry of the darker turn of Nate. He got into this because someone used his son, and now he used the memory of his son to cast a red herring for Interpol on the goal of the heist.

I will miss Leverage. I would be happy if they did a movie or mini-series or special, but if nothing more comes out, I'm happy with the five years that we had. We had Leverage and we had closure.

Also, yay Sterling!

Ironically, my neighbor just returned Season 1 dvds to me because I got her hooked on the series. I think one reason she FINALLY is getting cable was so she could watch the show. She looked disappointed when I gave her the news, but took my seasons 2 & 3, heh.

Also, did they HAVE to have the airing of this ep on Christmas, and AGAINST NEW WHO?!!? I'm still waiting for DW to show up on demand so I can finally figure out what what happened (outside of secondary characters being AWESOME appearing).


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