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Okay, so a few days later, and I still can't hold in my thinky thoughts. (sorry, astro, some's a retread of comments I made in your journal). And even though it's days later, they're still bit random.

I said Snow should've just kept the damn dagger. Now she's really got blood on her hands. I hope they play with the consequences of this with Snow herself as well as her family rather than just giving Regina a REALLY GOOD reason to hate her.

That said, Snow's choice was obviously her own choice. Rumple and even CORA manipulated her to this moment, (Cora's prediction of Snow's downfall also meant her own, how tragic!)

That said, Snow was seriously channeling her step-mother at her most manipulative when she gave Regina the apple the heart to take back to Cora. And because it was SNOW you still believed it. I mean, I even SAW HER USE THE CANDLE and I believed her for a second. (Actually, when I saw her use the candle, I fell for the writer's red herring and thought she didn't kill Cora at all because it was the king's heart.)

Also, Rose McGowan killed it imitating Barbara Hershey. I was half the episode wondering where Rose was after I saw her name in the opening credits until I suddenly realized she WAS young Cora. Great job.

I love the dynamics in the little moments--like how Bae and Emma are relating to each other and kind of sharing their own weirdness. Their dynamic is different because they are of THIS world. Unlike most Storybrooke denizens, they CHOSE their life in this world.* They relate in in so many ways, including both rejecting and accepting their fairy tale origins.

*Gold and Regina did too, but only within the bubble of Storybrooke itself.

I liked Cora dropping the magic box that said mean things and Regina rolling her eyes in a bit of generation/parallel world gap.


Also, as much as Bae's arrival in Storybrooke and meeting Snow and Charming should've been momentous, it was cool that it was SO one of the most minor things going on right then. It's impact was still felt. Rumple and Snow are both Henry's godparents.

They seriously need to make this Thanksgiving episode.

I loved Gold's moments with Belle/with Bae/and Emma too because he was both being manipulative and being truthful. "I made the wrong choice." You always do, dude.

This episode was truly about the emotional arc of families... and love, and hate. And revenge (and much better than "Revenge" is doing of late. Gah!). I mean, I felt for Cora, the character you think is so obviously the easiest one to hate of the whole group!

Last ep, I had this interesting theory about Cora being long-lost sisters with Downton Abbey Cora, and [personal profile] holdouttrout blows that theory out of the water because she points out the very obvious thing this ep that Snow's mother "Eva" is BITCHY PRINCESS who tripped Cora and got her groveling! (since I kept forgetting Snow's mother's name I never picked up on it). Holy crap, talk about generations of grudge making. They're regular Hatfields & McCoy's aren't they?
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