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Some people on my flist made reference to Lizzie Bennett Diaries, but I didn't pay much attention. It seemed like an odd P&P thing, and I've become skeptical of those ever since somebody paired it with zombies.

How wrong I was. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are awesome! It's a completely new spin on Pride & Prejudice, setting it in today's world--kind of like BBC Sherlock did with Holmes, but in this case, telling the tale via social media with actors. This series is complete.

"Lizzie" is a grad student who, with best friend Charlotte, has a vlog. There's side stories with other characters done via Tumblr and Twitter. The link listed above is to the story as told in chronological order via all media platforms. [Holy crap, while trying to google the name of the sequel, I came across this: Pemberly Digital, which is a website related to this story.

LizzieBennetDiaries is very clever and while not 100% faithful to the book, it is NOT a parody. It is true to the spirit of it while making it work 200 years later. Strangely, my favorite character is Lydia. Yeah, LYDIA! If you know the book...well...yeah.

They're now apparently doing a sequel with new vlogs published once or twice a week based on Austen's unfinished work "Sanditon" called Welcome to Sanditon with Darcy's sister as the star. It's up to ep 3 now.

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I will get there eventually!


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