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My latest attempt at five things turned into five very distinct ficlets, so they get titles and everything. Most are classic team, but a Season 10 era snuck in there as well. :-)

PG rated, mostly Gen. Very teamy. :-)

The theme was: "Five times SG1 narrowly escape without even knowing it"

Goa'uld Dismay )

But For A Moment... )
Just A Routine Day )

A Perfect Trap )
A Narrow Escape )
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Title: Little Fixes
Author: [personal profile] aurora_novarum and [personal profile] zats_clear
Prompt: "Well? Can you fix it?"
Characters: Siler, Carter, Teal'c, O'Neill, Hammond, Fraiser
Rating/Category: G rating; Gen, Drama

Summary: A day in the life of Sergeant Siler

Author's Notes: Yes, note this was *collaborative* with [personal profile] zats_clear. I offhandedly mentioned this idea for [ profile] one_prompt that I knew I couldn't get written in time, and she started actually writing out scenes for it. Between the two of us, we gave Siler a very full day.

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Title: Staying on a Jaffa's Good Side
Category: Gen; Humor; Team Friendship
Characters: Sgt. Siler, Classic SG-1 Team
Word Count: ~1,700
Rating: G/All ages

Summary: Siler gets shanghaied into an emergency repair

Author's Notes: Done for [ profile] one_prompt's challenge of "Well? Can you fix it?" (click the link to find all the cool stories to this challenge.)

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Title: The Haunted Ship
Rating: PG
Category: Gen, Ship (no canon chars), Mystery, Drama
Word Count: ~16,100
Spoilers/Warnings: Set between Unending and Ark of Truth; no warnings

Summary: The crew of Odyssey notice something strange about their ship after the events of "Unending."

Author's Notes: This story has been my personal labor of hair tearing frustration love off and on for almost two years (predating SGU) and couldn't have been pushed to its current state without the help of my alphas/betas [personal profile] annerb, [personal profile] abyssinia, and redbyrd. Any errors still my own.

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Title: Unexpected Visitor
Rating: G
Words: ~950
Category: Gen, friendship, drama.
Warnings/Spoilers: No warnings, set early season 10

Summary: Sam, Vala, and Carolyn stop by Sam's before a night on the town, but Sam's got an unexpected visitor...

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So the [ profile] sg1_five_things bug bit me again, partly because one of them was my prompt:

Five Inappropriate Times Thor Beamed Jack Up )

Five classes Rodney will never admit to taking in college. )

And last not but not least (because it was my prompt! Whee! Five things Carolyn Lam learned about Janet Fraiser after being CMO of Stargate Command )

If you noticed there's only four here, that's because #5 ended up being its own story. Unexpected Visitor.
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I've apparently turned into an sg1_five_things monster, because I've done two more of them again this week At least *this* week, I was able to fit each of them in one comment. (And I encourage you to go visit sg1_five_things and read them all, especially the Hammond ones!

Five People at the SGC with Crushes on Daniel Jackson )

Five things Hammond hid in the desk drawers in his office )
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Title: Sleep Guardian
Category: Character study. Ficlet. Drama. Gen.
Spoilers/Warnings: Set anytime with established SG-1; G rated (no warnings)
Word Count: ~200

Summary: Teal'c watches the younger man as he sleeps...

Author's Notes: Something I've been thinking about doing for a while, and reading a fic last night finally made me decide to write it. Unbetaed.

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I'm terrible at five things prompts. I see them, but I can't do them. Either I get nothing, or my longwinded muse could not fit a thing into such a format. But at the lastest sg1_debrief round up, I noticed sg1_five_things had two prompts related to Evolution. Five things Bill Lee learned about Daniel during their time in Honduras, and Five things Burke learned about Jack.

Considering how "Just a Scientist" created my love for Bill Lee, and I've always been fond of Burke and his actor, I **could not resist** the siren call. And thus this five things virgin has made two submissions (even if I may not have done them right. Heh.)

Observations )

Old Friends Remet )

Gen Recs

Oct. 6th, 2009 08:36 pm
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Aurora has had a no good crappy horrible day. What is the solution?! Read good fic!

First a rec of a fic I just randomly discovered wandering the interwebs.

Routine Mission by maranya14
SG-13 intrateam banter and friendly rivalry with their comrades as far as bragging rights. It's DAVE DIXON. How can you not love it?

Secondly, I've had a couple of belated birthday presents (seriously, I'm very overwhelmed by the fandom love I received)

The Interview by sg_betty. A linguist gets recruited to this strange classified program, and now he's cooling his heels post clearance checks waiting for the job's not quite like he expected. :-)

A Birthday to Remember by [personal profile] thothmes. It's Daniel post Homecoming in Season 7, heading offbase and to his new apartment, but he's forgotten the date. Nice insight into Daniel's mindset, and sweet teamy goodness.
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Title: Alien Babes Get Around
Category: Humor; Ship
Word Count: 690
Spoilers/Warnings: crackfic. Set vagueishly S9.

Summary: McKay is assigned to help one of the Tok'ra with a tricky piece of equipment.

Author's Notes: This is why I never say never. I've commited ship fic. It's crack and McKay/Anise is a bizarre pairing, but I was punchy last night and annerb made a dare and...

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Title: Red Shirt Airman
Category: Missing Scene from "the Scourge"; Character Study; Gen; Action
Warnings: Language; icky bugs; Season 9 Scourge spoilers
Rating: PG-13 ish
Word Count: ~480

Summary: Airman Walker's thoughts while on guard duty at the caves.

Author's Notes: Done for a challenge a few years ago. Was my first really short story and first attempt at stream of consciousness. The original story was always hidden because I thought it was utter dreck. [personal profile] zats_clear read it and convinced me to let it see the light of day, so here's a slightly polished version. Thanks to zats for betaing (Any and all blame still goes to me ;-).

text )
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Title: Path of Good Intentions
Author: [personal profile] aurora_novarum
Warning/Spoilers: Secondary Character Death; Violence; Spoilers for Continuum
Word Count: ~6,000
Summary: "Teal'c… I will always regret that you never became my First Prime." –Ba'al "Stargate: Continuum"

Author's Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] beanpot for being a rockstar beta. Written for [personal profile] princessofgeeks in the [ profile] tealc_ficathon on a prompt about Teal'c's life in the alternate timeline. This fic was going to be based on a completely different FiaD prompt 64 hours ago. Eeep.

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Title: What Would Jack Do? (A series of ficlets)
Rating: PG
Characters: SG-1 (classic team; S6; S8; S9 variations); other SGC personnel
Category: Angst; Drama; Humor; Episode Related; Hurt Comfort; Friendship; Character Studies
Spoilers: Anything up through late Season Nine (astro's not watched ten yet)
Word Count: Total ~10,300 (individual ficlet size varies)
Summary: SG-1 and other SGC members get in situations where they follow a Jack O'Neill philosophy–bitch and eat cake.

Author's Notes: Another of my icon ficlets, this one for [ profile] astrogirl2's use of [ profile] nomadicwriter's icon:

(Meant to do double duty as her birthday fic last little late, nomad!) It was supposed to be a few short paragraphs and turned into a "thing" of ten ficlets along this common theme. Thanks to betas [ profile] fabrisse and especially [ profile] zats_clear who helped me over some blockage humps too.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 characters are owned by MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people not me. No infringement or monetary gain intended or implied by this "homage".

No Cake For You )

To the Victor Go the Spoils )

Poundcake )

Cake and Sympathy )

Let Them Eat Cake )

Whipped Dream )

Triple Layer Bittersweet Chocolate )

Let the Crumbs Fall Where They May )

Take the Cake )

Peace of Cake )
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Yes, another one of my comment fics

Title: Infirmary Notes
Warnings/Spoilers: Classic Team season; mild language warning
Category: Humor; Drama

Summary: Janet's dictaphone notes from a typical day at the office.

Author's Notes: Done for [ profile] lokei's icon of:

So not a comment fic. Heh. Thanks to [ profile] fabrisse for betaing. Medical ignorance and other errors are all my fault.

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The first of my so called "comment fics" that took three and a half comments to fit. Hopefully the muse will feel more cooperative at learning the term "short". :-D

Title: Bra'tac's Bomb
Category: Action/Adventure
Spoilers/Warnings: PG-13 for violence. Set any classic season (yes astro, you can read it)

Author's Notes: Icon fic based off [ profile] annerbhp's awesomesauce Bra'tac icon...

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Title: Revelation and Damnation
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1100
Category: Angst; Gen;
Warnings/Spoilers: Through Season 8

Notes Happy Birthday, fellow Libra [ profile] ultranos_fic. Kind of a dark present, sorry. But it's all I could come up with. :-/ (I can always resort to Daniel pics later, heh).

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Yes, you read that right, I committed commentfic! Check the world is still spinning the right direction.

Also! Pimping that the season three sign up posts at [ profile] redial_the_gate! Grab your favorite season three ep to recap before they're all gone!!!

Title: The Invisible Rug Groove
Rating: All ages
Genre: Crack-comment fic
Spoilers: Season Two Show and Tell
Warnings: Did you notice the crackfic?
Summary: Did Walter notice the giant invisible bug watching him for days after all?

Author's Notes: Written as part of a discussion at [ profile] redial_the_gate for Show and Tell. Script format. Unbetaed.

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Aside from it being [ profile] moonshayde's birthday, [ profile] sg_fignewton decided to celebrate an anniversary by having a Gen Fic Day. Because I am insane, I have done not one, but two letters in her Alphabet Soup for Daniel (both Gen). The first was going to be totally different, so I may *may* turn it into a series. In any case...

Title: V is for Victory
Category: Episode Tag (Homecoming--Season 7); Teal'c & Daniel friendship
Warning: Minor language, maybe
Word Count: 1500

Summary: Daniel doesn't feel a part of the victory celebration.

Author's Notes: Thanks to [ profile] abyssinia4077 who showed me how to change this from a piece of dreck. (If you think it's still dreck, I'm to blame, not her).

V is for Victory )

Title: Y is for Yu
Category: Missing Scene (New Order--Season 8); Drama
Warning: None (spoilers for Fair Game; Summit/Last Stand and New Order)
Word Count: 500

Summary: Yu confronts Daniel about a previous encounter.

Author's Notes: Thanks to [ profile] beanpot for her super speedy beta.

Y is for Yu )
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Title: Pie Day
Category: Humor; Team friendship; Crossover (SGA)
Rating: G
Spoilers: Set in Season Eight post New Order/( pre-SGA "The Rising")
Word Count: approx 2800

Summary: Jack discovers a new holiday being celebrated on Level 19.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis and their characters are the property of Double Secret Productions, Gekko Productions, Acme Shark Productions, MGM, and a host of other people who are NOT me. No copyright infringement nor monetary gain is intended by this story.

Author's Notes: For [ profile] abyssinia4077 for her birthday. She also helped inspire the fic when we discussed the upcoming (now past) pi day as potential crack fic. The appearance of McKay was at her request suggestion. Happy birthday, aby! Thanks to betas [ profile] beanpot and [ profile] fabrisse, and for [ profile] moonshayde's early checkout.

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