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So, I never got around to writing my thoughts on the "Name of the Doctor". So here's my thoughts with a few questions.

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PS, thanks to those on my flist that honored a bit of discretion in the latest news in Dr. Whodom. I defriended a comm in annoyance--because it IS kind of a spoiler, although a widely, officially publicized, one.
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How else would I have realized when I watched the new Dr. Who episode...

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So I've watched the Season 7 Premiere and the Christmas Special, and I have thinky thoughts about Souffle Girl... I don't know anything past the episodes, so the below is just thoughts from episodes aired to date, no spoilers...

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Phew, so if you read all that, thanks. "Anyway, that just happens to be how *I* feel about it. What do you think?"

Edited to close some parentheses and because I remembered a couple other odd moments.
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I committed fic! Unfortunately it's not one of the multiple Stargate fics I've got as WIPs (yes, yes, including the Leverage sequel crossover). But it is one I've been contemplating since the end of Season 5, so...progress?

It's my first non-Stargate fic of any kind. Doctor Who Fandom. Hope you enjoy.

Title: And a Penny in the Shoe…
Author: [personal profile] aurora_novarum
Rating: G
Category: Missing Scene; Vignette; Drama; Character Study
Pairing: Rory/Amy (by reference)
Characters: Amy Pond; River Song; Melody
Summary: "AMY: So, what happens here? Big Bang Two? What happens to us?
RIVER: We all wake up where we ought to be."

Spoilers: Missing Scene for Season/Series 5 Finale “Big Bang”; Spoilers for Season/Series 6 “Let’s Kill Hitler”

Author Notes: Thanks to [profile] astrogirl2 for betaing. Any errors remain my own. While I tried to honor/honour the show’s British background, I may have committed Americanisms in spelling/grammar/phrasing. My apologies. First attempt in Who fandom. Transcript quote in summary from [personal profile] jpgr (whose transcripts are AWESOME!)

Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its characters are the property of the British Broadcasting Company and other entities that are not me. This fanfic is not intended as an infringement upon those rights and is solely meant for entertainment.

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