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So, I never got around to writing my thoughts on the "Name of the Doctor". So here's my thoughts with a few questions.

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PS, thanks to those on my flist that honored a bit of discretion in the latest news in Dr. Whodom. I defriended a comm in annoyance--because it IS kind of a spoiler, although a widely, officially publicized, one.
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Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a BIG spoilerphobe on lots of things. A friend of mine spoiled me about Luke & Leia when Return of the Jedi came out and...yeah not good. So it's a hot button issue.

But this post is not about that...

This post is about [personal profile] holdouttrout and I happened to be talking about the nature of spoilers. And kind of talking in general but about the Holmes stories in particular. As it happens, trout has not watched all of Season/Series two of "Sherlock". As it happened, I had not yet seen the last two episodes of Elementary (but I was watching one while we chatted). And I had grumped I thought I was spoilt on a plot twist for a character, which trout inadvertently confirmed...

And by happenstance, I spoiled her for a plot twist with Sherlock on a similar character...

Yeah. In the same conversation... In the same conversation that we were talking about SPOILERING PEOPLE.

*headdesk headdesk headdesk*

To try and counter this chat epidemic of footinmouth, I quickly changed the subject to favorite Stargate episodes (we both agreed on several). And when I asked her about favorite "Teal'c" episodes, her prompt response was...

"ALL of them."

And as she often is, trout was right.

Again, I am VERY VERY VERY sorry fishie! mea culpa
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How else would I have realized when I watched the new Dr. Who episode...

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Okay, so a few days later, and I still can't hold in my thinky thoughts. (sorry, astro, some's a retread of comments I made in your journal). And even though it's days later, they're still bit random.

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