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While I mentioned it in (unbelievably massive list of fandom prezzie links, which...fandom is awesome! *hugs fandom*), I wanted to make a special point.

Thank you so much for the gift of a paid account here at dreamwidth. It was extraordinarily thoughtful of you (but I wish you weren't anon to thank you properly).

I assume it was a birthday present (and if so I have a couple suspects). But in case it was just a random gifting by a guardian angel...I thought a remembered there was a community you could go to to thank donors. Or maybe it was just a suggestion of one. I've run searches and even wandered the dw wiki, but I can't find it. Does anyone know what it was called?

If not, please let this serve as heartfelt thanks. :-)
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I've been playing with GIMP. So this is my first ever icon post of stuff I made. I don't promise they're fantastic, but they were mostly fun to make. (curses GIMP usermanual. I don't speak AlphaChannel!) Some are pretty old. Some are "hot off the image program", but all are made by me.

Um, as for teasers...
osiris devil in goddess clothing, jack & tealc, Photobucket, duct tape

This last was a quote by a scientist on The History Channel's "The Universe".

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They're gankable with credit. Y'all have let me steal from you often enough.
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Warning: The following is a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek review. Gentle ribbing of popular pairings may occur. Do not consume beverages while reading.

There's lots of OTPs and even multi-shipping involved in SG-1. I admit I watch the series with decidedly gen-centered teamy goodness goggles. But I do try sometimes to watch with alternate prisms to get the flavor of what my ship/slash friends see. So when I turned my romance perspective on to catch this inter-team romantic chemistry of Jack/Daniel or even Sam/ what did my wondering eyes appear, but...the true love of Jack and Teal'c saying "dear".

It's the most obvious OTP there! Exhibit One: Teal'c calls everyone by both names and or title and surname. Jack is just "O'Neill". I have seen various pairings' fans point out their special OTP moments–obvious or very subtextual. Heck even being in the same shot together is enough to have my ship/slash friends drooling. Therefore, I've tried to do the same with a non-exhaustive list for Jack/Teal'c, at least for seasons 1-7.

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Spamming you with the awesomeness I've discovered...

There's a "Friday News Roundup" that [ profile] never_at_home has started over at [ profile] sg1_solutions. It's a great capture of all the news in Stargate-dom with links and cool quotes.

Like just this week, it lists CB's new voice over work, and a clip of Ben Browder's new movie, and an interview with Beau Bridges on how much he loved working on Stargate, as well as honors given to Amanda Tapping and a new very newsworthy interview Michael Shanks gave. And also lists scheduled airings of some of Don S. Davis's final works. I'm finding it a great way to catch up on a lot of the news I miss.

Also, while I've got your attention...(heh)
[ profile] redial_the_gate is doing its international chat for "Beneath The Surface" at 8pm EST (and whatever that translates to in your time zone). Come join our drooling at hawtness snarking at orange pajamas and gruel!

[ profile] jacksamfriends is still open for signups! (What you think I'd go without mentioning it?) As bean said, it's a guy and a girl as friends...SO EDGY!

This meme thing I just did has been very fun (especially how I got so many of y'all to do it. Bwa ha ha ha! I love finding out meta on people's fic!) But it's all [ profile] beanpot's fault I've now ended up writing a scriptlike PREQUEL of Insurance SNAFU.

And finally some recs a bit unusual for me. Jonas Fic! (I know, first I wrote some, now rec'cing? I'm a rebel lately!) But seriously, this is great crack with teamy goodness!

First [ profile] supplyship posted a story about Jonas's introduction to tv infomercials with
As Seen On...Orilla. And then [ profile] a_loquita came up with a sequel fic: Back to Basics. It really fits with Jonas (and I go with the theory SG-1's not even pulling his

Um...I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but...oh well. Happy Friday!
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People guessed all but one of my movie quotes! Yay!

This is the one never figured out:
You'd think the rain would've cooled things down. All it did was make the heat wet.
I can give another quote or maybe people are just tired of playing with the meme. It's an older flick.

And...I need to get motivated on writing my ship fic. (No, not that kind of ship.) So I'm going to do something rare and post a wip. This is the first scene (still in draft form) as a motivator to myself to get this stupid thing done...and as a distraction for myself and others at the batshittery flying around fandom. Read or ignore at your pleasure

The Haunted Ship Prologue )
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So, [ profile] beanpot's love meme had me looking at my profile, and I've noticed more people on it. I don't pay close attention, so you usually have to whack me on the head to say "I'm here" whereupon I will likely spam your journal. So, hi, new people, and old friends. *waves*

I figured I'd explain a bit about me so y'all know what you're getting into. I think I can count on one hand the number of f-lock entries I make, so pretty much what you see publicly is what you get.

More than you ever probably wanted to know about Aurora and her journal )
And that's it. More than you ever wanted to know about me. Everyone's welcome to play in my little SG-1 sandbox, but no mud in the eye!
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Since it's that time of year again, I'm posting a link to last year's list of Halloween recs, including several awesome links in the comments.

But more recs are always appreciated, especially since it's fairly sparse in the SG-1. I especially love mystery/suspenseful. I was hoping to have "The Haunted Ship" done by Halloween, but I don't foresee that happening.

Tis the season to be spooky!
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See, here I was going along swimmingly with a few birthday wishes and pretty pictures and even a fic and a Mockscript!

But were y'all finished? Oh no. I get even more "lj cards" of wonderful well-wishes from lots of my sweet friends.

Plus...more presents that I have to share with everyone. (Fandom birthdays mean everyone shares the awesomeness of our talented SG-1 fanpool).

I have Sam and Daniel (with Bill Lee sighting) cute fun little on base science experiment vignette by [ profile] pepper_field: A Strange and Unpredicted Event

From [ profile] zats_clear, I have a picture story of Sam and Daniel...well...see for yourself.

And a thought provoking, beautifully written, intense S9 fic by [ profile] sg_betty exploring both Vala and Daniel's "PTSD" after Avalon/Origin: The Need to Know.

And even more offers of fic and icons and...overwhelmed by fandom love.

Shares more devil's food cake with real buttercream icing (no shortening crap) with everyone.
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I am having an awesome birthday.

Not only because I'm going out for Chinese later with family (and celebrating over the weekend with friends).

But also because of the lovely birthday wishes from around my f-list, complete with even acake.

Also Thumbs-up Daniel pic-spam from [ profile] ultranos_fic, and a Six Pack of Daniel pic-spam from [ profile] abyssinia4077.

But of course the lovely Daniel and Bill Lee fic that [ profile] sg_fignewton wrote for me last week that if you haven't read yet, you really should. (It's okay! It's cute and short).

And last but certainly not least because it's awesomeness knows no bounds is the Crystal Skull Mockscript that [ profile] kalquessa did for me. Go enjoy and bug her to do more of them er, feedback!

Passes out birthday cake to everyone.
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First a meme that I gakked from [ profile] astrogirl2.

Halloween_meme )

I also thought in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I'd post a couple of "spooky" Fic Recs. (both are gen)

Shadow over Chatsworth by [ profile] saffronhouse. I posted this in my last rec post, but I think it's well worth repeating. Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay are on a road trip on Earth when their car breaks down near a Southern town with secrets. (Bwah ha ha ha)

Ghost in the Machine by [ profile] friendshipper. One of the authors rec'ced to me in my "branching out" requests (and I'm still going through them), this story is SGA. John and Rodney trapped on a creepy world with a spooky monster and strange old man.

Huh, they're both kind of SGAish related. Maybe it's the soul-sucking vampires on Atlantis that lends itself to spooky fics.

Actually, I also wanted to rec one with Season Nine SG-1 where they're all zombies. Not spooky, but crackily hilarious, and I can't find it (of course, it would help if I remembered *who* wrote it. Grr!)

ETA: The one I was thinking of isn't available, but thanks to [ profile] splash_the_cat's zombie fic list, I found another one I tried to find but didn't recall enough of to even search. It's actually at the [ profile] sg1teamficathon by [ profile] poohmusings called WWZD (you have to read all the way to the end. It's awesome! Well all the fics at this original version of the ficathon are awesome.)

And I thought of another one. You are my...Sunshine by Travelling One. Well, to her annoyance, heh, I tend to say all her stories have a "Twilight Zone" feel with their twists and moral perspectives, but "You are my Sunshine" is very horror-like in its descriptions and the creepy demented alien who's got our team.

Anyone else got some good Halloween fics to rec? Especially SG-1?
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Okay, here's just some random rec's and fun links I wanted to share (and give myself a one stop shopping).

Fic Links

First of all, I finally read Travelling One's other new story called Enlightened . I think it's one of her best stories ever. It's a very teamy tale that takes place sometime after "Prodigy", where SG-1 meets the lethal lightening bugs again. It's extremely teamy, which is always a plus and her characterizations are tight. If you love action/adventure, humor (teal'c is witty! at times), even some angst and hurt/comfort (but not the uber-sappy kind). There's a bit of whumpage for them all. And the twists and turns are not quite predictable, but fun to follow. Go read.

Also, a couple more fics are in the [ profile] sd_ficathon. One is the story written for me! [ profile] linnet_101 took my request for a need for speed and totally went a completely different direction than I expected. Cold Water Burning It is so cool! The speed is urgency, and Sam is very much in danger, but she's unaware of it...or at least exactly where the truth lies, and it's written entirely in her point of view. A really nice ride. There's also an abandoned preamble (don't read until the story is over though, there's a reason it was cut), in her personal lj. I hope she can incorporate it into a different tale.

Also [ profile] rowan_d wrote a lovely Sam and Daniel story...strangely enough, here again it is Sam in need of help. Beneath the Waves It's lovely, but unlike my other recs, which are all gen/teamish, this one has Sam and Daniel romantic undertones. Rowan warns for S/J UST as well...but as someone who's as gen as they come, I just saw Sam and Jack's natural (and friendshippy) relation as in the show. But those who read their interactions as UST will likely also be pleased by the characterization.

I do highly recommend you wander through the various stories at [ profile] sd_ficathon. Some are just friendship, some are very teamy, some are romantic in nature. But all involve Sam and Daniel, so if you're a fan of one or the other, go read. Start at the end with linnet's, or at the beginning with [ profile] sg_fignewton's In Search of Possibilities awesome (no matter what kind of storyline you like in Stargate, humor, angst, character study, action/adventure, archeology, technology), you'll find great hints of it here.

I'm barely making headway on the gateverse remix, but while I'm pimping, I mean, rec'cing, I'll list the two I've read:

Scattered Shards by [ profile] abyssinia4077 is a great reflection on the Moebius teams. She remixes Sam's (multi-Sams?) POV from the original nifty story "Glimmers" by [ profile] greensilver into Daniel's and interplays his connections with "his" team and the "dork" SG-1. But, disclaimer, I betaed it, so maybe not quite objective. Heh.

Freedom of the Press by [ profile] redbyrd_sgfic remixed [ profile] cofax7's Stop the Presses. I read the remix first, so I don't know which way to tell you to start. The two stories are very different styles, written in that outsider's viewpoint I am partial to myself. And both are excellent in their respective ways as reporters try and uncover some strange anomalies in these stories over the years. A plague? Meteor showers? Alec Colson's disappearance. Plus a whistleblower drops in and things get interesting. There's some SGA crossover. Bonus points if you recognize the "redhead" in redbyrd's story (hint, think of Janet, and how she died *but not too long, sniff!*)

Hmm, that's it for fics that I can recall offhand, but I know there were others I wanted to rec. Next time.

Other Cool/Trivia/Meta Links (and pimps):

[ profile] extrabadpenguin created military dossiers on each member of the team (and a few extras. "Codger" is his TwoP name). He's based everything on canon. The ribbons and medals are accurate, and dates either correspond to records/certificates as seen in the show or are reasonable conjectures based on that. Codger's retired military (or may even still be active), and while he's not my only military source, I do highly respect his opinion and love his little fandom labor of love here.

Codger's SG-1 page (click on individual characters to read the military record info).

A well hidden (okay not hidden per-se, just annoying for me to try to find) gem of the Solutions site is the floorplan locations of Jack's house and Daniel's apartment. There's like a little blueprint floorplan, and if you click on the room, you see pictures of that room. It's SO cool! I had forgotten about it until [ profile] niamaea was trying to find it. Locations.

Unfortunately, the pics of some of the locations, such as Sam's house and Teal'c's apartment were taken down at the photographer's request. But hopefully someday will be replaced on the site, and/or the girl who took the photos will put them up on her own site, or something. In the meantime, it's fun to play with these.

And a complete and utter self pimp while I'm giving out trivia links. If you're trying to find out how to translate the aliens' languages into English, there's Goa'uld, Unas, and Ancient Dictionaries. Yes, I was anal and obsessed enough to do them, but it was just the fun of putting together the jigsaw puzzle, not anal enough to remember them, so don't start talking to me like Chaka. ;-)

A really nice meta post is [ profile] abyssinia4077's lj about Daniel: An Illustrated Essay It's just (slightly cracky) fun look at Daniel (and look, and look). It's image heavy, but if my dialup can handle it, so can yours. :-) It's worth it, especially when I'm still cursing the news that the whole series is being released in one go with four bonus disks after I've already got all the SG-1 dvds.

And a final pimp. There's a comm about to start up called [ profile] redial_the_gate, where people can come and "rewatch" SG-1 from pre-the beginning the movie, and squee and discuss and make meta and list vids and fics and just have fun. (we're working on the faq, so right now there's just some test stuff), but it'll be up VERY soon! It's trying to start up around the time of SG-1's birthday, July 27th, so if you're so inclined, come on over!

Fic rec

May. 17th, 2007 02:52 pm
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Just last night I was bemoaning the lack of Sam and Jack FRIENDSHIP fic in [ profile] abyssinia4077's journal.

Today look what I find amongst the debrief listings:

Brand New Episode by [ profile] stargatefangurl

It's team--but mainly Sam and Jack, being VERY much in character and very cute and funny and DEFINITELY worth a read.

Of course, that wouldn't prevent other people from writing MORE Sam and Jack friendship fic *wink wink nudge nudge*. Oh, come on! There's tons of romance stuff out there, even a new ficathon starting up devoted to the "ship" (which I enjoy reading from time to time), but very little exploring their dynamic as friends and teammates.

It'll make you feel good! ;-)
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Yay, I'm so close to done on my [ profile] sd_ficathon story! Just have one more transition scene to write, then it needs to be revised and betaed (and probably heavily revised again). And for all my attempts to write a "short" story, it's clocking in around 7,000 words at the moment. Sigh. It's supposed to be a nice easy tale.

In any case, with the story mostly on "paper" and not just in my head, I decided to play with the current meme circling around fandom. Gakked from at least 3/4 of my flist by this point:

Twenty Things that are my personal SG-1 canon.

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In the holiday spirit for all my SG-1 friends, here are links to some Stargate themed Christmas carols by the nutty gang at the SG-1 thread at [ profile] extrabadpenguin was kind enough to compile them in one forum post here.

To give you a hint at what you'll be subjected to for much less than $19.99 and a Chia pet, among the songs are:

Jacob the Tok'ra General (to tune of Rudolph)
Jingle Ba'al
Anubis is Coming to Town
Rockin Around the SGC
and many more!

But wait, there's more! Bonus if you call now, heh.
Do You Hear What I Hear?
The Twelve Days of Stargate

Yes, I think we're pretty much aware we're nuts. :-) (oh, and if you read the one I penned, I *know* I'm not a poet or lyricist, LOL)

In a serious vein, happy holidays to all!
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Okay, I actually did this a while ago, but [ profile] sg_fignewton's recent canon/fanon discussion made me decide to note it here.

I think I know Daniel's birth place.

I know fanon has two big camps of Daniel Jackson's birthplace. Either New York (where the parents died) or Egypt...because I guess he's an Egyptologist and/or his parents were putting up an Egyptian exhibit?

Anyway, I proffer that Daniel Jackson was born in Olympia. Either in Greece or in Oregon. I wanted it to be Oregon, since that's where Grandpa Nick was committed. But, there's no such place as Olympia, Oregon, but there is Olympia, Greece. After staring at the following picture, or its equivalent from my dvd pause and zoom, I'm positive it's some round letter O/G/C/Q and R as the state (or country) of birth.

Cut_For_Picture )
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A couple of months ago, on a yahoo fic group I lurk at, a shipper and a non-shipper were having an interesting (and reasonable) debate on "gen fic" and the nature of Sam and Jack's relationship in the early years. In reading the back and forth, I came to an epiphany. I know this will be "so" profound (snerk), but I've come to believe it's a matter of an honest difference in perspectives.

Shippers_are_from_Venus,_Nonshippers_are_from_Mars )

So, those are my thoughts on the ship. Anyway, I'm sorry, but that's just how *I* feel about it. What do you think?
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Figured I'd "introduce" myself. I joined live journal so I could interact better with some of the Stargate SG-1 fiction communities and discussions I've been linked to from time to time. I'm still figuring things out, so forgive me if I'm doing something stupid.

As far as Stargate, well, I saw the movie when it first came out on video, and thought it was an interesting tale. I've been watching Stargate SG-1 in U.S. syndication since probably the beginning of season 2. Because of the station's sports scheduling or my own life and timing, SG-1 viewing was haphazard. Some eps I saw multiple times, others I had never seen. It was years before I saw the pilot. All I knew was what I'd seen in the clip shows (and I've still never seen the full Showtime version).

Then I got cable soon before season 7 started (which was when season 5 was still airing in syndication). I was pleasantly surprised to realize they were still making new episodes. Also, because of this sudden leap from syndication to cable, I was very slow on the uptake that Michael Shanks had left the show. I was catching Season 6 reruns out of order, some of which had Daniel in "previously on", and I kept waiting for him to show up in the episode! It took Nightwalkers for me to get Jonas was an alien. Yes, I can be a bit slow sometimes (and apparently was going to the kitchen or bathroom during the credits or something). By the time I figured out what happened, they were announcing Mr. Shanks was returning, so I basically was completely oblivious to the whole brou-ha-ha there, and consider it water under the "Bridge" now. I caught up on the eps not yet seen by watching the ubiquitous reruns on SciFi. Even broke down and bought a dvd season set or two...okay, four. It's the only tv series where I've bothered doing that.

Just was pleasantly enjoying the shows, oblivious to conventions and blogs and fanfiction and message boards. Then 3/4 through Season 8, I got a bad bout of flu and started wandering around the internet. Discovered some of the stargate fan sites and became fascinated with this part of fandom.

I write gen fanfic (and devour it, so I welcome any good recs). Once I figure out how to do that link thing, I'll put some of my favorite authors up, if anyone's interested. Sometime or other, I'll post my own fic too. For discussion, you'll usually find me at the televisionwithoutpity Stargate thread. It was from there I found out about the "Stargate Wiki" encyclopedia at Solutions. I liked their format, so helping out with some of their transcripts and articles has become a mild obsession.

Oh, my name. "Aurora Novarum" was a name I made up as a child for an imaginary superhero, and it's always stuck in the back of my head. When I started writing fanfic, it seemed appropriate as a sci-fi pen name.

So that's "me", or at least the "stargate me" in a nutshell. Looking forward to talking to some of you out there in cyberspace.



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