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My latest attempt at five things turned into five very distinct ficlets, so they get titles and everything. Most are classic team, but a Season 10 era snuck in there as well. :-)

PG rated, mostly Gen. Very teamy. :-)

The theme was: "Five times SG1 narrowly escape without even knowing it"

Goa'uld Dismay )

But For A Moment... )
Just A Routine Day )

A Perfect Trap )
A Narrow Escape )
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I played with an sg-1 five things prompt over on lj land, and came up with not one but TWO variations. Both gen and very short!

Five Ways Daniel Would Run )

Reasons Daniel Runs--Cat-in the Hat Style )
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So the [ profile] sg1_five_things bug bit me again, partly because one of them was my prompt:

Five Inappropriate Times Thor Beamed Jack Up )

Five classes Rodney will never admit to taking in college. )

And last not but not least (because it was my prompt! Whee! Five things Carolyn Lam learned about Janet Fraiser after being CMO of Stargate Command )

If you noticed there's only four here, that's because #5 ended up being its own story. Unexpected Visitor.
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I've apparently turned into an sg1_five_things monster, because I've done two more of them again this week At least *this* week, I was able to fit each of them in one comment. (And I encourage you to go visit sg1_five_things and read them all, especially the Hammond ones!

Five People at the SGC with Crushes on Daniel Jackson )

Five things Hammond hid in the desk drawers in his office )


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