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Title: Ode de Terre
Rating: PG, General Audience
Characters: Stargate Atlantis Team: Teyla Emmagan, John Sheppard, Ronon Dex, Rodney McKay, Elizabeth Weir, (Carson Beckett cameo)
Category: Drama, Team, Mystery
Word Count: ~8,800 words
Spoilers: Set soon after Season 3's "Tao of Rodney"

Summary: Why are Milky Way Stargate chevrons etched into an old cave?

Author's Notes: Written for [profile] seldear for [ profile] help_haiti. Thanks for her and their patience at my long delay. Thanks to [personal profile] annerb for being alpha & beta. Disclaimers found at index. My first SGA fic, hope it didn't turn out too badly!

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Title: Sleep Guardian
Category: Character study. Ficlet. Drama. Gen.
Spoilers/Warnings: Set anytime with established SG-1; G rated (no warnings)
Word Count: ~200

Summary: Teal'c watches the younger man as he sleeps...

Author's Notes: Something I've been thinking about doing for a while, and reading a fic last night finally made me decide to write it. Unbetaed.

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Eeep! My first crossover (well, except for Pie Day, but that was all in the Gateverse).

Title: "Wargames" Didn't Play Out Like This
Category: SG-1/Leverage Crossover; Gen; Action/Adventure; Character Studies; Humor; Episode Related
Rating: PG (for canonesque violence and minor language)
Spoilers: SG-1 Season 8*; Leverage through Season 2, Episode Five

Summary: Hardison has an unusual run-in with "the Man".

Author's Note: Hopefully the fic speaks for itself (as "Other Characters" if you're not familiar with one of the fandoms). Thanks to [profile] ultranos_fic for some computer culture advice and [profile] annerbhp for alpha/beta duties. Any errors or inaccuracies remain my own.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, etc. Leverage and its characters are the property of Electric Television, TNT, Paramount, etc. (basically both shows owned by hosts of people who are not me). No infringement intended and no money sought.

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Title: Red Shirt Airman
Category: Missing Scene from "the Scourge"; Character Study; Gen; Action
Warnings: Language; icky bugs; Season 9 Scourge spoilers
Rating: PG-13 ish
Word Count: ~480

Summary: Airman Walker's thoughts while on guard duty at the caves.

Author's Notes: Done for a challenge a few years ago. Was my first really short story and first attempt at stream of consciousness. The original story was always hidden because I thought it was utter dreck. [personal profile] zats_clear read it and convinced me to let it see the light of day, so here's a slightly polished version. Thanks to zats for betaing (Any and all blame still goes to me ;-).

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Title: Path of Good Intentions
Author: [personal profile] aurora_novarum
Warning/Spoilers: Secondary Character Death; Violence; Spoilers for Continuum
Word Count: ~6,000
Summary: "Teal'c… I will always regret that you never became my First Prime." –Ba'al "Stargate: Continuum"

Author's Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] beanpot for being a rockstar beta. Written for [personal profile] princessofgeeks in the [ profile] tealc_ficathon on a prompt about Teal'c's life in the alternate timeline. This fic was going to be based on a completely different FiaD prompt 64 hours ago. Eeep.

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Title: Countdown
Rating: PG
Characters: Daniel Jackson (references to Jack, Sam, and Teal'c)
Category: Angst; Action/Adventure
Spoilers: Set any classic team season
Word Count: 500
Summary: Daniel has a plan to save his friends.

Author's Notes: Another of my icon ficlets (Woot! Finally one that fits in a comment!) This one for [ profile] sg_betty's icons: and . Coincidentally *whistles innocently*, it's also sg_betty's birthday. What timing. ;-) Thanks to [ profile] abyssinia4077 and [ profile] astrumporta for betaing.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 characters are owned by MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people not me. No infringement or monetary gain intended or implied by this "homage".

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Title: Constellation Serendipity
Category: Vignette; Sam & Teal'c friendship
Warnings/Spoilers All Ages/no warnings. Set between Ascension and The Warrior in Season Five
Word Count: < 2,200

Summary: Teal'c's observation of Sam's doodles leads to a profound discussion on stars, fate, and SG-1.

Author's Notes: Another of my Icon Fics (I've given up calling them comment fics by this point, but my goal is to keep them short).

This one is for [ profile] abyssinia4077's icon:

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Happy belated birthday [ profile] aelfgyfu_mead! (I swore today was the ninth, and I've been struggling for something for you for a day and a half! Finally I've got this...unbetaed scene thingie. Hope you like it!)

Title: Al'kesh Answers
Category: Sam&Daniel friendship; Humor; Drama
Warning/Spoilers: No warning; Spoilers for S3 (set between Pretense and Maternal Instinct)

Summary: Daniel and Sam work together in a relatively quiet moment for SG-1.

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Yes, another one of my comment fics

Title: Infirmary Notes
Warnings/Spoilers: Classic Team season; mild language warning
Category: Humor; Drama

Summary: Janet's dictaphone notes from a typical day at the office.

Author's Notes: Done for [ profile] lokei's icon of:

So not a comment fic. Heh. Thanks to [ profile] fabrisse for betaing. Medical ignorance and other errors are all my fault.

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Title: Revelation and Damnation
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1100
Category: Angst; Gen;
Warnings/Spoilers: Through Season 8

Notes Happy Birthday, fellow Libra [ profile] ultranos_fic. Kind of a dark present, sorry. But it's all I could come up with. :-/ (I can always resort to Daniel pics later, heh).

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Title: Statements Unspoken
Category: Missing Scene; Teal'c and Daniel friendship (references Daniel/Sha're)
Warnings/Spoilers: Secrets and previous
Word Count ~1500

Summary: Daniel confronts Teal'c on leaving Amaunet in the cave.

Author's Note: For my fellow gen lover [ profile] sg_fignewton's birthday. Thanks to [ profile] beanpot and [ profile] fabrisse for betaing for me.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters is the property of MGM, Gekko, Double Secret Productions, and a host of other people that are not me. No copyright infringement expressed or implied; no monetary gain sought or received; yadda yadda legal boilerplate.

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Title: the Ballroom with the Rope
Characters: SG-1 (of various permutations): Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, Jonas Quinn, Cameron Mitchell, and Vala Mal Doran
Rating: Family/General Audience
Warnings/Spoilers: Set after "200", but no specific spoilers except the make up of SG-1.
Category: Gen
Genre: Crackfic, Humor, Fluff, Team friendship

Summary: Stuck in quarantine, the extended SG-1 enjoys a Game Night

Author's Notes: Dedicated to [ profile] beanpot (with a belated happy birthday), and [ profile] abyssinia4077 who helped me brainstorm this silly idea way back before Ark of Truth was even published. Thanks to abyssis for seeing it through the beta stage.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 characters are the property of MGM, Double Secrets and others that are not me. "Clue" is the property of Parker Brothers (who also own the movie). The use of all of the above listed was for entertainment purposes only and not for any monetary gain. No disrespect nor copyright infringement is intended to any of the real owners.

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Not quite sure if it's the 27th yet in your neck of the woods, but anyway...Happy Birthday, [ profile] pepper_field! Thanks for being co-redial mod and all around awesome gal!

Title: Flights of Ingenuity
Category: Jack O'Neill and Teal'c friendship; character study
Spoilers: Set after SG-1 Season Eight
Rating/Warning: No warnings; All ages
Word Count: 1900 words

Summary: Teal'c and Jack visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Author's Notes: This birthday fic is a sequel to the comment fic Pepper wrote for my birthday (and you should go read!). The Star Wars exhibit closed in the Smithsonian in 1999, but eh, for fic purposes it's returned. More about the Air & Space Museum Exhibits here. Thanks to stalwart beta [ profile] fabrisse.

Disclaimer: As always, Stargate SG-1's characters and show are owned by MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people who are not me! No copyright infringement is intended and no monetary gain sought. Merely an homage.

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Aside from it being [ profile] moonshayde's birthday, [ profile] sg_fignewton decided to celebrate an anniversary by having a Gen Fic Day. Because I am insane, I have done not one, but two letters in her Alphabet Soup for Daniel (both Gen). The first was going to be totally different, so I may *may* turn it into a series. In any case...

Title: V is for Victory
Category: Episode Tag (Homecoming--Season 7); Teal'c & Daniel friendship
Warning: Minor language, maybe
Word Count: 1500

Summary: Daniel doesn't feel a part of the victory celebration.

Author's Notes: Thanks to [ profile] abyssinia4077 who showed me how to change this from a piece of dreck. (If you think it's still dreck, I'm to blame, not her).

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Title: Y is for Yu
Category: Missing Scene (New Order--Season 8); Drama
Warning: None (spoilers for Fair Game; Summit/Last Stand and New Order)
Word Count: 500

Summary: Yu confronts Daniel about a previous encounter.

Author's Notes: Thanks to [ profile] beanpot for her super speedy beta.

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Title: Stargazing
Category: Sam & Jack friendship; team friendship
Genre: Angst; Missing Scene; Hurt/Comfort; Drama
Summary: After almost losing Daniel, Sam and Jack bond over a shared interest.
Spoiler: Tag for "Fire and Water"; Stargate Movie and Enemy Within references
Word Count: around 2000

Author's Notes: Another fic in my don quixote quest for more Sam & Jack friendship fic! Ended up a bit angsty to be a birthday fic as intended. So instead it's just a fic that coincidentally [ profile] annerbhp and [ profile] ali888 may enjoy on the occasion of their same day birthday. ;-) Thanks to [ profile] abyssinia4077 for her speedy beta.

Disclaimer: The characters and events of Stargate SG-1 are owned by MGM, Double Secret and Gekko productions and a host of other people who are NOT me. No remuneration or profit made from this endeavor. It is merely one fan's "homage".

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Title: Getting to Know...Me
Characters: Jacob & Selmak
Genre: Character study; vignette
Summary: In a free moment, Jacob contemplates his new life with Selmak's input.
Warnings: None

Disclaimer: Not mine, Sony outbid me. Selmak and Jacob and Stargate SG-1 are owned by MGM, Gekko, Double Secret and a host of other people and legal entities that are not me. Merely an homage. Not for monetary gain.

Author's Notes: Written as a belated birthday present to [ profile] selmak. Thanks to quick betaing by [ profile] abyssinia4077.

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Title: Girls Night In
Category:Gen; Friendships (see characters)
Main Characters:Sam, Vala, Carolyn Lam
Genre: Episode Tag; Character Studies
Warnings: SPOILERS for "Family Ties"
Rating: Family/General
Summary: Late night snack raid and female bonding on a Friday night.

Authors Notes: This fic was inspired by a comment discussion in [ profile] paian's episode review for Family Ties between her and [ profile] whisper99. The comments stuck as a plot bunny to me, so hopefully they won't mind my usurping the idea (even if there is no porn :-p, hee). Many thanks to [ profile] beanpot and [ profile] redbyrd_sgfic for beta duties.

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Title: Interference
Rating: G
Completed: Yes
Category:Gen (References to past Daniel/Sha're)
Genre: Missing Scene/Ep Related (Full Circle/Orpheus); Angst, Drama; Adventure

Summary: Ascended Beings have a rule that no one should interfere in the lower planes; Daniel Jackson has never been one to blindly follow arbitrary rules.

Warnings: References to canon deaths of minor characters

SPOILERS: "Full Circle", "Orpheus", "Threads". Other vague events and characters from S9/S10 are touched upon, but nothing past "Pegasus Project", and unless you are a rabid spoiler-phobe, not knowing S9/S10 should not be an issue reading the fic.

Author's Notes: As always, many thanks to my beta Fabrisse, and wanton adoration to [ profile] redbyrd_sgfic, who was my alpha-beta in the early draft when Daniel was flailing around (bad Daniel) and not keeping me focused. Any errors are my own.

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Title: After The Battle
Author: [ profile] aurora_novarum
Category: Gen; Team friendship
Characters: SG-1, Vala Mal Doran, Bra'tac
Genre: Angst/Drama; Hurt/Comfort; Episode Pseudo-Tag; Point of View
Word Count: Approx. 4000
Rating: Teen
Warnings: none
Season/Spoilers: Season 10; tag for "Flesh and Blood" with hints for "Morpheus"

Summary: Daniel's reunion with SG-1 after the battle with the Ori, and his thoughts on himself, the Ori, his teammates, the battle, and Vala.

Author's Notes: Thanks as always to beta Fabrisse and [ profile] moonshayde whose rants on Daniel in F&B helped spark the inspiration. My rant on the Daniel/Landry scene in "Morpheus" fueled the flame. My way of reconciling some awkward canon.

Disclaimer: Not mine, Sony outbid me. Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of MGM/Sony, Double Secret, Showtime, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people that are not me. No copyright infringement expressed or implied, no money sought or received, and everything is borrowed with respect to the true owners and for entertainment purposes only. Anything not subject to those copyrights remain the property of the author.

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Title: Vanquishing Demons
Category: Gen; Team friendship; Action/Adventure; Angst/Drama; Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Teal'c; SG-1 and some other canon friends and enemies
Word Count: Approx. 17,000 words (I know, I know, I can't shut up)
Rating: Teen/PG-13
Warnings: Violence (including whumpage); minor language
Season/Spoilers: Season 4, set immediately after the events in "Serpent's Venom"

Prompt: [ profile] lovellama for the [ profile] tealc_ficathon wanted "Hurt! Comfort! Action!" and did not want "Kid Fic, PWP, or Not going off world."

Summary: Teal'c is still recovering from the ordeal he suffered during Serpent's Venom when SG-1 is sent on a mission more dangerous than they realized.

Author's Notes: Thanks to my eleventh hour beta Fabrisse and [ profile] moonshayde who inspired and organized this whole ficathon, as well as acted as additional last minute alpha and ancient cultures/languages resource. Any errors remaining are my own.

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Part 2: The Mission

Part Two: The Mission )

Part Three: "The Demon"
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