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Vids seem to be the theme of the day, so...let's roll with it.

First, a very sweet and slow teamy h/c vid by [personal profile] cleothemuse: Don't Give Up. Aw, teamy goodness, all season!

Also, [personal profile] buefo has made SG-1 Goes to the Movies which is a gen team vid (she mentions a possible Daniel bias in the clips, heh) done to the theme songs of some iconic movies. Lots of fun. (Can watch streaming or download).

And last but not least, you guys ARE keeping up with MGM, right? The orientation videos just keep on coming. Latest is about the Lucian Alliance. I think I may wear out the replay on some of them. (Dammit, I may end up buying the SGU Season 1 dvd just for this "extra" if it's on there).
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Title: Stargazing
Category: Sam & Jack friendship; team friendship
Genre: Angst; Missing Scene; Hurt/Comfort; Drama
Summary: After almost losing Daniel, Sam and Jack bond over a shared interest.
Spoiler: Tag for "Fire and Water"; Stargate Movie and Enemy Within references
Word Count: around 2000

Author's Notes: Another fic in my don quixote quest for more Sam & Jack friendship fic! Ended up a bit angsty to be a birthday fic as intended. So instead it's just a fic that coincidentally [ profile] annerbhp and [ profile] ali888 may enjoy on the occasion of their same day birthday. ;-) Thanks to [ profile] abyssinia4077 for her speedy beta.

Disclaimer: The characters and events of Stargate SG-1 are owned by MGM, Double Secret and Gekko productions and a host of other people who are NOT me. No remuneration or profit made from this endeavor. It is merely one fan's "homage".

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Title: Between the Lines
Category:Gen. Jack O'Neill and S10 Team Friendships
Main Characters: Jack O'Neill, (and Bra'tac, Richard Woolsey, S10 team)
Genre: Episode Tag; Character Studies; h/c?
Warnings: SPOILERS for "Talion"; mild language
Rating: General/PG
Summary: Jack O'Neill reads between the lines of a screwed up mission and deals with post-mission cleanup as only he can.

Author's Notes: Thanks to everyone (especially [ profile] pepper_field, [ profile] abyssinia4077, and [ profile] moonshayde) who listened to me whine through the writing process and extra special thanks to my wonderful betas [ profile] fabrisse and [ profile] redbyrd_sgfic.

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Title: Runcible Spoon
Author: [ profile] aurora_novarum
Rating: G/Family
Warnings: None
Genre: Action/Adventure
Pairings:Sam & Daniel friendship; Classic Team friendship
Spoilers: Set early Season 4-ish.

Summary: While their teammates enjoy the benefits of an "easy mission", Daniel and Sam explore a fascinating cave on an uninhabited planet. What could go wrong?

Author's Notes: Written for the [ profile] sd_ficathon for [ profile] sg_fignewton, who wanted : "early season, off-world, Sam and Daniel solving something together" and didn't want language, sexual situations, overly dark ending Hopefully this fits the bill, er, prompt. Jack and Teal'c got jealous, so it turned into a teamy thing at the end. Knowing fig as I do, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping she won't mind. *bg* Thanks to beta Fabrisse, who amongst her fab advice came up with the title.

Disclaimer: Usual disclaimer--merely an "homage" to the wonderful characters and settings owned by MGM, SciFi, Gekko, Double Secret, etc, etc. and a ton of other people who are not me. My story is just playing in this universe.

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Title: A Friend in Need
Category: Gen; Episode related; Hurt/comfort
Characters: Teal'c focused, but everyone shows up
Spoilers: Avalon Part 1
Ratings: PG/Family rating

Summary: Teal'c is called away from his work with the forming the Free Jaffa Nation when Mitchell tells him of a friend in need.

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Title: Just a Scientist
Category: Gen; Missing Scene; Action/Adventure; Angst/Drama; Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Daniel Jackson; Bill Lee (smaller appearances by other SGC members)
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Spoilers: Anything up to and including Season 7's Evolution Part 1-2, but especially Crystal Skull, Prodigy, Meridian, Paradise Lost, and Avenger 2.0.

Synopsis: The events of Evolution 1 & 2, from the perspective of the "other" SGC member on that ill-fated mission to Honduras.

Notes: Thanks and virtual chocolate to my beta Fabrisse, who suffered through the many drafts and the @#$#$#@ shifting verb tenses.

Warnings: Violence; Canon torture. I should also warn that Felger is in the story, but ONLY BRIEFLY, so please don't stop reading due to him. Heh.

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