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Wow! This has been an amazing birthday for me. Pretty cards and time with family and friends and CHOCOLATE CAKE for dessert.

And lots of lovely birthday wishes from fandom too. Thank you all for the lovely thoughts and shout outs [personal profile] abyssinia, [personal profile] traycer, [personal profile] moonshayde, [profile] suzannemarie, [personal profile] astrumporta and [personal profile] beanpot. And even some fandom "presents" too! You know the bestest thing about fandom presents? Everyone can enjoy them!

First off, was an amusing/scary classic SG-1 team fic by [personal profile] sallymn complete with sparkly font birthday wishes! Heh.

And then [profile] pepper_field wrote a sequel fic to one of my favorite Sam & Daniel tales ever by writing up Therapeutic Effect.

Co-Libra [personal profile] zats_clear who shares my adoration of Lexa Doig, decided to spin off on that as her inspiration for a birthday caption.

Also in the pic motif,
[profile] annerbhp outdid herself in SG-1 team awesomesauce picspam of classic team and S9/10 era. See Jack&Daniel in the naughty corner and Teal'c's wrath on DVR sabotage, or Jaffa Jeopardy (OT: One of today's Jeopardy categories was all about October Firsts. Hee!)

Not to be outdone, [ profile] supplyship had the SG-1 team throw together a birthday party for me complete with Urgo.

And still more fic!
Battlefield by [profile] a_loquita is S10 era team on some downtime teamy goodness...but there's a bit of [good natured] conflict going on.

Last but certainly not least, [personal profile] holdouttrout explored Five Beings Who Inhabit the SGC about some of those unsung heroes who work and/or live in the lower levels of Cheyenne Mountain.

And on the dreamwidth side, [personal profile] samantilles made me a few special birthday icons! (I'm using one of them here. :-D

AND someone anonymously gifted me with a year of paid time! (This may have just been coincidental, but I'm not so sure about that). Hmm. I have a small suspect list, but who knows, it may just be some random coincidence. ;-)

And then [personal profile] fignewton, [personal profile] annerb and [personal profile] sg_betty have offered to write me fic based on prompts (they don't realize how dangerous this is. I'm terrible at prompting. When I get inspired it's usually with whole scenes and/or dialogue snippets).

And totally not birthday related, but [personal profile] paian just introduced me to [personal profile] wyomingnot's fanvids...she loves SG-1 AND Leverage. I think I'm in heaven. :-)

(Cross posting this on lj and dw, even though the usernames will probably get mucked up along the way)
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Okay, so I got so excited about playing with my new shinies, I ended up making icons, including my first ever animated one! Go me!

, ,

I've got ten of Leverage from Season One., a LOT of Stargate. Just about all from CotG. (This is the NEW release of Children of the Gods, and a lot I specifically took as new footage, so SPOILERPHOBES BEWARE!!!. I want to do some more leverage in the near future. All are shareable with credit. :-)

Leverage Icons )

Children of the Gods Icons )
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I've been playing with GIMP. So this is my first ever icon post of stuff I made. I don't promise they're fantastic, but they were mostly fun to make. (curses GIMP usermanual. I don't speak AlphaChannel!) Some are pretty old. Some are "hot off the image program", but all are made by me.

Um, as for teasers...
osiris devil in goddess clothing, jack & tealc, Photobucket, duct tape

This last was a quote by a scientist on The History Channel's "The Universe".

Read more... )

They're gankable with credit. Y'all have let me steal from you often enough.


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