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Overall, I'm satisfied with the ending. It felt like the producers saw the writing on the wall went out the way they wanted to. (I know they always right every season as if it was the end, but this one...yeah).

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Ironically, my neighbor just returned Season 1 dvds to me because I got her hooked on the series. I think one reason she FINALLY is getting cable was so she could watch the show. She looked disappointed when I gave her the news, but took my seasons 2 & 3, heh.

Also, did they HAVE to have the airing of this ep on Christmas, and AGAINST NEW WHO?!!? I'm still waiting for DW to show up on demand so I can finally figure out what what happened (outside of secondary characters being AWESOME appearing).
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Eeep! My first crossover (well, except for Pie Day, but that was all in the Gateverse).

Title: "Wargames" Didn't Play Out Like This
Category: SG-1/Leverage Crossover; Gen; Action/Adventure; Character Studies; Humor; Episode Related
Rating: PG (for canonesque violence and minor language)
Spoilers: SG-1 Season 8*; Leverage through Season 2, Episode Five

Summary: Hardison has an unusual run-in with "the Man".

Author's Note: Hopefully the fic speaks for itself (as "Other Characters" if you're not familiar with one of the fandoms). Thanks to [profile] ultranos_fic for some computer culture advice and [profile] annerbhp for alpha/beta duties. Any errors or inaccuracies remain my own.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, etc. Leverage and its characters are the property of Electric Television, TNT, Paramount, etc. (basically both shows owned by hosts of people who are not me). No infringement intended and no money sought.

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