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Title: Az'heni
Category: Gen; Sam; team friendship; father/daughter (Jacob/Sam)
Rating: Pre-teen/PG
Warnings: None
Genre: Angst; Adventure; Drama; Ficathon Challenge
Spoilers: Very Early Season 3 (after Sam's promotion, pre-Seth)
Summary: A stressful first encounter with some offworld natives leads to more of the unexpected and causes Sam to wrestle with some of her recent past.

Link to original version of Az'heni.

Author's Notes: Written for the all gen [ profile] samcarterfic the prompter asked for Jacob & Selmak, Sam's teammates, and a white fluffy scarf, with no depressing ending or flashbacks to Sam's childhood.

It's funny. I could think of a nice cute scene with a white fluffy scarf and them having a snowball fight–I fit the punchline of that fight in a scene of the final fic. I could think of a mission they did with Jacob, or Sam and Jacob. But I struggled for a long time to come up with a way to blend all three of these prompts together. Then the idea of the scarf having a symbolic meaning came about. I still tend to think of Az'heni as two parts. Sam rescuing team and member of village, and the Tok'ra/Jacob aspect, but hopefully it blended well enough as a final product.

Az'heni )
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Original Version of Vanquishing Demons

Title: Vanquishing Demons
Category: Gen; Team friendship; Action/Adventure; Angst/Drama; Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Teal'c; SG-1 and some other canon friends and enemies
Word Count: Approx. 17,000 words (I know, I know, I can't shut up)
Rating: Teen/PG-13
Warnings: Violence (including whumpage); minor language
Season/Spoilers: Season 4, set immediately after the events in "Serpent's Venom"

Summary: Teal'c is still recovering from the ordeal he suffered during Serpent's Venom when SG-1 is sent on a mission more dangerous than they realized.

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Part 2: The Mission

Part Two: The Mission )

Part Three: "The Demon"
Part Three: The Demon )
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Statements Unspoken Original version.

Title: Statements Unspoken
Category: Missing Scene; Teal'c and Daniel friendship (references Daniel/Sha're)
Warnings/Spoilers: Secrets and previous
Word Count ~1500

Summary: Daniel confronts Teal'c on leaving Amaunet in the cave.

I'm unusually proud of this title. Because I think/hope at least as much was said with looks and thoughts, as was said in statements. The summary however, while accurate, is a little dull. Sigh. Titles and summaries. The banes of my writerly existence.

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Here's the second of my "dvd commentaries" on my stories. If there's a story you want to hear my random babblings writing process, you can still leave a comment here.

[ profile] sg_betty requested "Dreams Teach" which was my first ever 'published' fanfic. It has a few rough edges, but I'm pretty fond of it because...well, you never forget your first. ;-)

If you want to read the original un-marked up version, Go Here.

Title: Dreams Teach
Category: Angst/Drama; Missing Scene; POV
Type: Gen
Character: Daniel Jackson
Rating: PG-13ish because of some language and dark subject matter

Summary: What happened when Daniel first woke up from Shifu's dream in Absolute Power?

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[ profile] fabrisse picked "Insurance SNAFU at the CPO" for me to dvd commentary. I've never done one of these before. Hope I'm doing it right.

The original version can be found here

Title: Insurance SNAFU at the CPO
Pairing: None/Gen
Category: Angst & Humor
Characters: Daniel
Rating: Family Rating
Status: complete
Series: N/A
Spoilers: Takes place after either Origin or Beachhead so anything up to Season 9 (the season 9 spoilers themselves are vague). I was planning on having it be after Vala was gone and Daniel was definitely staying, but in retrospect, it works best after Origin
Warnings: None; though no Daniels were harmed in the writing of this fic, it does contain several references to canon deaths of DanielMy paranoia in early days of how seriously people took death warnings

Summary: Daniel is called to the Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) for an audit when his file raises some red flags. A lighthearted look at the many deaths of Daniel.

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So there you go. Hope the navel gazing didn't bore you.


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