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Waves to everyone.

I'm feeling the love of my flist circle (man, there's a whole new terminology I've got to learn!) already. Five people poked at me this morning offering invite codes to join in the fun here! *basks in love*

Oh, does anyone know if I should delete my "lj open id", or leave both or...I don't want to clutter [staff profile] denise and [staff profile] mark's pretty beta area. (Yeah yeah, coding bugs. It looks pretty to me so, it is "lj user" not "dw user" right?)

So, um, hi, I'm here.
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Figured I'd "introduce" myself. I joined live journal so I could interact better with some of the Stargate SG-1 fiction communities and discussions I've been linked to from time to time. I'm still figuring things out, so forgive me if I'm doing something stupid.

As far as Stargate, well, I saw the movie when it first came out on video, and thought it was an interesting tale. I've been watching Stargate SG-1 in U.S. syndication since probably the beginning of season 2. Because of the station's sports scheduling or my own life and timing, SG-1 viewing was haphazard. Some eps I saw multiple times, others I had never seen. It was years before I saw the pilot. All I knew was what I'd seen in the clip shows (and I've still never seen the full Showtime version).

Then I got cable soon before season 7 started (which was when season 5 was still airing in syndication). I was pleasantly surprised to realize they were still making new episodes. Also, because of this sudden leap from syndication to cable, I was very slow on the uptake that Michael Shanks had left the show. I was catching Season 6 reruns out of order, some of which had Daniel in "previously on", and I kept waiting for him to show up in the episode! It took Nightwalkers for me to get Jonas was an alien. Yes, I can be a bit slow sometimes (and apparently was going to the kitchen or bathroom during the credits or something). By the time I figured out what happened, they were announcing Mr. Shanks was returning, so I basically was completely oblivious to the whole brou-ha-ha there, and consider it water under the "Bridge" now. I caught up on the eps not yet seen by watching the ubiquitous reruns on SciFi. Even broke down and bought a dvd season set or two...okay, four. It's the only tv series where I've bothered doing that.

Just was pleasantly enjoying the shows, oblivious to conventions and blogs and fanfiction and message boards. Then 3/4 through Season 8, I got a bad bout of flu and started wandering around the internet. Discovered some of the stargate fan sites and became fascinated with this part of fandom.

I write gen fanfic (and devour it, so I welcome any good recs). Once I figure out how to do that link thing, I'll put some of my favorite authors up, if anyone's interested. Sometime or other, I'll post my own fic too. For discussion, you'll usually find me at the televisionwithoutpity Stargate thread. It was from there I found out about the "Stargate Wiki" encyclopedia at Solutions. I liked their format, so helping out with some of their transcripts and articles has become a mild obsession.

Oh, my name. "Aurora Novarum" was a name I made up as a child for an imaginary superhero, and it's always stuck in the back of my head. When I started writing fanfic, it seemed appropriate as a sci-fi pen name.

So that's "me", or at least the "stargate me" in a nutshell. Looking forward to talking to some of you out there in cyberspace.



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