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Title: Alien Babes Get Around
Category: Humor; Ship
Word Count: 690
Spoilers/Warnings: crackfic. Set vagueishly S9.

Summary: McKay is assigned to help one of the Tok'ra with a tricky piece of equipment.

Author's Notes: This is why I never say never. I've commited ship fic. It's crack and McKay/Anise is a bizarre pairing, but I was punchy last night and annerb made a dare and...

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Title: What Would Jack Do? (A series of ficlets)
Rating: PG
Characters: SG-1 (classic team; S6; S8; S9 variations); other SGC personnel
Category: Angst; Drama; Humor; Episode Related; Hurt Comfort; Friendship; Character Studies
Spoilers: Anything up through late Season Nine (astro's not watched ten yet)
Word Count: Total ~10,300 (individual ficlet size varies)
Summary: SG-1 and other SGC members get in situations where they follow a Jack O'Neill philosophy–bitch and eat cake.

Author's Notes: Another of my icon ficlets, this one for [ profile] astrogirl2's use of [ profile] nomadicwriter's icon:

(Meant to do double duty as her birthday fic last little late, nomad!) It was supposed to be a few short paragraphs and turned into a "thing" of ten ficlets along this common theme. Thanks to betas [ profile] fabrisse and especially [ profile] zats_clear who helped me over some blockage humps too.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 characters are owned by MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people not me. No infringement or monetary gain intended or implied by this "homage".

No Cake For You )

To the Victor Go the Spoils )

Poundcake )

Cake and Sympathy )

Let Them Eat Cake )

Whipped Dream )

Triple Layer Bittersweet Chocolate )

Let the Crumbs Fall Where They May )

Take the Cake )

Peace of Cake )
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You know, I was going to post more of these comment fics together...but since my muse is VERY BAD and understanding the concept of "comment fic", I'm just publishing them one at a time anyway. (Third will be coming shortly).

Title: DragonPony (f/n/a "Beanpot is Eevvvviiilllll")
Category: Action Adventure/Humor/Team Friendship; Episode Tag
Warnings: PG for violence
Spoilers: Ep tag for "Babylon"

Summary: Cam is caught in a nightmarish scenario.

Author's Notes: Done off [ profile] beanpot's icon.
Which is why this fic was orginially titled: "Beanpot is EEVVVIIIILLLLLL!"

I'm still not sure how my muse started with crackfic, and ended up with angsty episode tag...

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Hi all! I have been down for the count sick over the holiday weekend, and I may not be around again for a bit more, but I had to post a Teal'c fic for [ profile] sg_fignewton's Alphabet Soup & Gen Fic day... (And check the rest of the alphabet!) ETA: It can be found here

This was attempt six (I may still play with one of the abandoned plot bunnies someday, heh).

Title: V is for Vala
Category: Drama; Teal'c & Vala friendship; Humor
Warnings/Spoilers:No warnings. Spoilers--set S9 circa Ties that Bind through Beachhead era
Word Count: Um, it's commentfic length, so...short

Summary: Teal'c decides to get to know Vala better during her stay at the SGC, and the two aliens bond over the strangeness of Tau'ri culture

V is for Vala )
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Not quite sure if it's the 27th yet in your neck of the woods, but anyway...Happy Birthday, [ profile] pepper_field! Thanks for being co-redial mod and all around awesome gal!

Title: Flights of Ingenuity
Category: Jack O'Neill and Teal'c friendship; character study
Spoilers: Set after SG-1 Season Eight
Rating/Warning: No warnings; All ages
Word Count: 1900 words

Summary: Teal'c and Jack visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Author's Notes: This birthday fic is a sequel to the comment fic Pepper wrote for my birthday (and you should go read!). The Star Wars exhibit closed in the Smithsonian in 1999, but eh, for fic purposes it's returned. More about the Air & Space Museum Exhibits here. Thanks to stalwart beta [ profile] fabrisse.

Disclaimer: As always, Stargate SG-1's characters and show are owned by MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people who are not me! No copyright infringement is intended and no monetary gain sought. Merely an homage.

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Title: Jackson's Not Himself This Morning: A Crusade Fic
Category: Gen; Missing Scene, Humor, Angst, Point of View
Characters: SG-1 (mostly Cameron and Daniel), Vala Mal Doran, Hank Landry, SG-3 members
Summary: Mitchell's point of view during a typical SG-1 morning: possession of a teammate, apocalyptic predictions, screwed up alien technology. The events of "Crusade".
Warnings: Language, Season 9 spoilers
Notes: Thanks as always to beta, Fabrisse. Any errors are my own.

Jackson's Not Himself )
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Title: A Friend in Need
Category: Gen; Episode related; Hurt/comfort
Characters: Teal'c focused, but everyone shows up
Spoilers: Avalon Part 1
Ratings: PG/Family rating

Summary: Teal'c is called away from his work with the forming the Free Jaffa Nation when Mitchell tells him of a friend in need.

A_Friend_In_Need )
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Title: Insurance SNAFU at the CPO
Category: Gen; Angst, Humor
Characters: Daniel; Original Character
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Takes place after either Origin or Beachhead so anything up to Season 9 (the season 9 spoilers themselves are vague).
Warnings: None; though no Daniels were harmed in the writing of this fic, it does contain several references to canon deaths of Daniel

Summary: Daniel is called to the Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) for an audit when his file raises some red flags. A lighthearted look at the many deaths of Daniel.

Author's Note: Inspiration was when we were discussing Sam's Black Widow curse and the many deaths of Daniel on TWoP. I made a passing comment of how Daniel probably can't even get life insurance anymore...and thus a plot bunny was born. Dedicated to my fellow TWoPsters.

Insurance SNAFU at the CPO )

ETA: DVD Commentary version can be found here

Many Roads

Dec. 27th, 2005 10:02 am
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Title: Many Roads
Type: Gen / Het (Harrid/Sallis; references to Daniel/Sha're)
Category: Missing Scene; Angst/Drama; Hurt/Comfort; Adventure
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Date: Dec 2005
Spoilers: Anything up to and including Season 9 Avalon/Origin
Archive: alphagate. heliopolis. stargatefan.

Summary: What if Daniel was wrong that the Ancient communication stones suppressed a person's consciousness? The events of Avalon and Origin from Harrid Cicera's point of view.

Author's Notes: Although creative license was taken to flesh out these too briefly seen characters, the story is consistent with canon up through Fourth Horseman Part 1. "Crusade" and later episodes proved this interpretation of the Ancient communication device was inaccurate, but please read it with my "date of publication" in mind.

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