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Warning: The following is a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek review. Gentle ribbing of popular pairings may occur. Do not consume beverages while reading.

There's lots of OTPs and even multi-shipping involved in SG-1. I admit I watch the series with decidedly gen-centered teamy goodness goggles. But I do try sometimes to watch with alternate prisms to get the flavor of what my ship/slash friends see. So when I turned my romance perspective on to catch this inter-team romantic chemistry of Jack/Daniel or even Sam/ what did my wondering eyes appear, but...the true love of Jack and Teal'c saying "dear".

It's the most obvious OTP there! Exhibit One: Teal'c calls everyone by both names and or title and surname. Jack is just "O'Neill". I have seen various pairings' fans point out their special OTP moments–obvious or very subtextual. Heck even being in the same shot together is enough to have my ship/slash friends drooling. Therefore, I've tried to do the same with a non-exhaustive list for Jack/Teal'c, at least for seasons 1-7.

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Yay, I'm so close to done on my [ profile] sd_ficathon story! Just have one more transition scene to write, then it needs to be revised and betaed (and probably heavily revised again). And for all my attempts to write a "short" story, it's clocking in around 7,000 words at the moment. Sigh. It's supposed to be a nice easy tale.

In any case, with the story mostly on "paper" and not just in my head, I decided to play with the current meme circling around fandom. Gakked from at least 3/4 of my flist by this point:

Twenty Things that are my personal SG-1 canon.

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Okay, I actually did this a while ago, but [ profile] sg_fignewton's recent canon/fanon discussion made me decide to note it here.

I think I know Daniel's birth place.

I know fanon has two big camps of Daniel Jackson's birthplace. Either New York (where the parents died) or Egypt...because I guess he's an Egyptologist and/or his parents were putting up an Egyptian exhibit?

Anyway, I proffer that Daniel Jackson was born in Olympia. Either in Greece or in Oregon. I wanted it to be Oregon, since that's where Grandpa Nick was committed. But, there's no such place as Olympia, Oregon, but there is Olympia, Greece. After staring at the following picture, or its equivalent from my dvd pause and zoom, I'm positive it's some round letter O/G/C/Q and R as the state (or country) of birth.

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