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Title: DuckCat
Rating: G/Family
Characters: Classic Team
Spoilers/Warnings: Early SG-1, no specific
Category: Team, Gen, Crackfic, Humor
Word Count: ~700

Summary: Who's messing with whom?

Author's Notes: Remember way back last year when I was doing icon inspired fics? Yeah, well *shuffles feet*, I haven't forgotten you! In honor of [profile] ultranos_fic finishing her semester and the fact I got inspired for's a fic based on her icon. Thanks to holdouttrout for beta.

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Warning: The following is a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek review. Gentle ribbing of popular pairings may occur. Do not consume beverages while reading.

There's lots of OTPs and even multi-shipping involved in SG-1. I admit I watch the series with decidedly gen-centered teamy goodness goggles. But I do try sometimes to watch with alternate prisms to get the flavor of what my ship/slash friends see. So when I turned my romance perspective on to catch this inter-team romantic chemistry of Jack/Daniel or even Sam/ what did my wondering eyes appear, but...the true love of Jack and Teal'c saying "dear".

It's the most obvious OTP there! Exhibit One: Teal'c calls everyone by both names and or title and surname. Jack is just "O'Neill". I have seen various pairings' fans point out their special OTP moments–obvious or very subtextual. Heck even being in the same shot together is enough to have my ship/slash friends drooling. Therefore, I've tried to do the same with a non-exhaustive list for Jack/Teal'c, at least for seasons 1-7.

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Before I wander away, Happy belated birthday to [ profile] fabrisse, and happy early birthday to [ profile] belsum. Hope they were great.

I also bantery fic. :-)

Title: Be Prepared
Spoilers: Season Ten Team; anytime after Uninvited
Rating: PG
Genre: Team friendship; humor
Word Count: ~1000

Summary: Vala's unusual choice for "movie" night leads to some interesting conversations.

Author's Notes: Thanks to [ profile] astrumporta for her quick look see.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of MGM, Double Secret Productions, and a host of other people who are NOT me. No copyright infringement nor monetary gain intended.

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Yes, you read that right, I committed commentfic! Check the world is still spinning the right direction.

Also! Pimping that the season three sign up posts at [ profile] redial_the_gate! Grab your favorite season three ep to recap before they're all gone!!!

Title: The Invisible Rug Groove
Rating: All ages
Genre: Crack-comment fic
Spoilers: Season Two Show and Tell
Warnings: Did you notice the crackfic?
Summary: Did Walter notice the giant invisible bug watching him for days after all?

Author's Notes: Written as part of a discussion at [ profile] redial_the_gate for Show and Tell. Script format. Unbetaed.

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Title: Pie Day
Category: Humor; Team friendship; Crossover (SGA)
Rating: G
Spoilers: Set in Season Eight post New Order/( pre-SGA "The Rising")
Word Count: approx 2800

Summary: Jack discovers a new holiday being celebrated on Level 19.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis and their characters are the property of Double Secret Productions, Gekko Productions, Acme Shark Productions, MGM, and a host of other people who are NOT me. No copyright infringement nor monetary gain is intended by this story.

Author's Notes: For [ profile] abyssinia4077 for her birthday. She also helped inspire the fic when we discussed the upcoming (now past) pi day as potential crack fic. The appearance of McKay was at her request suggestion. Happy birthday, aby! Thanks to betas [ profile] beanpot and [ profile] fabrisse, and for [ profile] moonshayde's early checkout.

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Title: The Lollipop Guild
Category: Crackfic, Humor
Characters: Classic SG-1 team
Rating: PG (for very mild language)

Summary: SG-1's diplomatic mission has gone bad, and now they're stuck in an unusual cell.

Written in honor of the [ profile] redial_the_gate community hitting over 200 members. All the redial mods decided to thank everyone in true Stargate style--with oz themed crackfic (emphasis on *crack*, heh). Enjoy!

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Title: All In A Name
Rating: PG
Warnings: No serious ones; don't trip over the cliches
Category: Humor; Crack!fic
Characters: Classic SG-1, Jack and Daniel focused
Summary: Jack's mouth has created a diplomatic snafu. Now he and Daniel are paying the price.
Word Count: approx 1350

Disclaimer: The characters of Stargate SG-1 are owned by MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people who are not me. Not done for commercial gain and no infringement intended.

Author's Notes: This is a joint-birthday fic for one of my best R.L friends JB, and for fandom friend [ profile] astrumporta, a super sweet gal and a great SG-1 fan. I know you love slash, Michelle, but hopefully this gen fic will come close enough. :-) Thanks to [ profile] pepper_field (and Mr. Pepper) for their help in betaing and checking choreography.

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While I am impatiently waiting for my albatross Talion fic to come back from Round Two with my beta, I distractedly started bugging [ profile] abyssinia4077 in chat. :-D

During the course of said chat, we talked about various random things and a typo led to a discussion on whether Daniel thinks he's pretty...or at least if others think that and what that discussion would look like. LOL.

And then came the cracky chatfic.

Title: I Feel Pretty
Authors: [ profile] abyssinia4077 and [ profile] aurora_novarum
Rating: PG
Characters: Season Ten Team
Summary: Teamy friendship fluff at poor Daniel's expense.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 characters are owned by MGM, not either of us.

Unbetaed...unless you count my typo catches, so if mistakes weren't caught, blame me. :-)

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