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Oct. 1st, 2000 04:45 pm
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Here's a list of all my Stargate SG-1 stories. Stories are listed in canon chronology. Unless otherwise noted, all stories are gen and range around PG/PG-13.

Note, if you're looking for a particular character or style of story, you can also search by the tags.

Disclaimer for all fanworks on this journal: Not mine, Sony outbid me. Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of MGM/Sony, Double Secret, Showtime, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people that are not me. No copyright infringement expressed or implied, and everything is borrowed with respect and "homage" to the true owners and for entertainment purposes only. No money sought or received in the production of this fic. Any bric a brac left, -- ideas, characters, plot, etc., remain mine.

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Also, if you've just wandered by here because you're wondering who the heck this "aurora" person is? The short story: I'm a gen fan and Stargate trivia geek who has a tendency to babble.
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Hi all!

It's been forever and a day since I posted, I think. Work has kept me very busy. But I do wander through from time to time and comment on posts on dreamwidth and livejournal. But to post myself...for some reason I can't think of stuff to instigate.

Let's see, what do I like to watch anymore:

Good Wife
Once Upon a Time
Revenge (based on the previews on how they answer the finale...um, I may drop that again)

Agents of SHIELD
NCIS (which...I think I am going to drop)

Big Bang Theory
Elementary (I love this show)
Person of Interest (although I'm mad at the most recent change)

Sherlock (already preordered the dvd. But I'm unspoiled for season 3!)
Downton Abbey (I was a latecomer, but am caught up. OMG wow!)

I am blanking out on about half the shows, I bet.
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Okay, so [personal profile] fabrisse was asking about a fic, which made me start searching through my fic recs (awww, hi old stories by cool authors!)

And then I remembered an old favorite...except for the title...or the author. Dammit.

It was a "Proving Ground" type story. It switched from one character to another. There was a group in the commissary/mess hall. Janet had a strong role.

What was this story?!

My dreamwidth f-list came through!

[personal profile] synecdochic's The Only Winning Move

Funnily [profile] redbyrd_sgfic came to mind when I was looking, but scanning briefly, hers are *all* missing scenes and I knew it was independent. Turns out she inspired syne's efforts with Training Exercises. So my brain's only *mostly* fried, not totally. *grin*
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[personal profile] sixbeforelunch just wrote a fantastic gen Daniel story. Beneath the Rule of Men

The summary is "why Daniel Jackson makes the worst hostage ever." And boy does it deliver.

It's very funny, but poignant too, and the warnings are a bit dark (no darker than may be seen on the show when it aired).
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So, I never got around to writing my thoughts on the "Name of the Doctor". So here's my thoughts with a few questions.

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PS, thanks to those on my flist that honored a bit of discretion in the latest news in Dr. Whodom. I defriended a comm in annoyance--because it IS kind of a spoiler, although a widely, officially publicized, one.
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Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a BIG spoilerphobe on lots of things. A friend of mine spoiled me about Luke & Leia when Return of the Jedi came out and...yeah not good. So it's a hot button issue.

But this post is not about that...

This post is about [personal profile] holdouttrout and I happened to be talking about the nature of spoilers. And kind of talking in general but about the Holmes stories in particular. As it happens, trout has not watched all of Season/Series two of "Sherlock". As it happened, I had not yet seen the last two episodes of Elementary (but I was watching one while we chatted). And I had grumped I thought I was spoilt on a plot twist for a character, which trout inadvertently confirmed...

And by happenstance, I spoiled her for a plot twist with Sherlock on a similar character...

Yeah. In the same conversation... In the same conversation that we were talking about SPOILERING PEOPLE.

*headdesk headdesk headdesk*

To try and counter this chat epidemic of footinmouth, I quickly changed the subject to favorite Stargate episodes (we both agreed on several). And when I asked her about favorite "Teal'c" episodes, her prompt response was...

"ALL of them."

And as she often is, trout was right.

Again, I am VERY VERY VERY sorry fishie! mea culpa
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So I'm finally catching up on some of my tv shows. Just saw the last two episodes of Once Upon a Time...

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In other news. I also saw Iron Man 3. LOVED it. But I'm mad at it, because now this fic I've been promising [personal profile] splash_the_cat since before Iron Man 2 came out will look a bit too imitative instead of fortuitous.
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Some people on my flist made reference to Lizzie Bennett Diaries, but I didn't pay much attention. It seemed like an odd P&P thing, and I've become skeptical of those ever since somebody paired it with zombies.

How wrong I was. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are awesome! It's a completely new spin on Pride & Prejudice, setting it in today's world--kind of like BBC Sherlock did with Holmes, but in this case, telling the tale via social media with actors. This series is complete.

"Lizzie" is a grad student who, with best friend Charlotte, has a vlog. There's side stories with other characters done via Tumblr and Twitter. The link listed above is to the story as told in chronological order via all media platforms. [Holy crap, while trying to google the name of the sequel, I came across this: Pemberly Digital, which is a website related to this story.

LizzieBennetDiaries is very clever and while not 100% faithful to the book, it is NOT a parody. It is true to the spirit of it while making it work 200 years later. Strangely, my favorite character is Lydia. Yeah, LYDIA! If you know the book...well...yeah.

They're now apparently doing a sequel with new vlogs published once or twice a week based on Austen's unfinished work "Sanditon" called Welcome to Sanditon with Darcy's sister as the star. It's up to ep 3 now.

Fic Meme

May. 20th, 2013 06:51 pm
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Snurched from izhilza and astrogirl2 on lj. (in toto from astro, I even stole her commentary about it!) Also, fanfic writing, I miss you! I want to come back!

Here's kind of a nifty fic meme:

I have 59 works archived at AO3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 59 (the first thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like about it.

Although it strikes me that this could get somewhat embarrassing, either because I might find myself going, "But I hate this story now! Thanks for reminding me!" or because it's a little awkward to go trumpeting your own awesome. But, hey, we'll see!
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How else would I have realized when I watched the new Dr. Who episode...

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So I've watched the Season 7 Premiere and the Christmas Special, and I have thinky thoughts about Souffle Girl... I don't know anything past the episodes, so the below is just thoughts from episodes aired to date, no spoilers...

Just_Speculation )

Phew, so if you read all that, thanks. "Anyway, that just happens to be how *I* feel about it. What do you think?"

Edited to close some parentheses and because I remembered a couple other odd moments.
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I’m a bit backwards in my watching between Comcast’s on demand and now having Amazon Prime which is the BESTEST THING EVER. But here’s a list of what I’m watching to see if any of my flist is interested or I can get interested in too.

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Okay, so a few days later, and I still can't hold in my thinky thoughts. (sorry, astro, some's a retread of comments I made in your journal). And even though it's days later, they're still bit random.

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One of the clues on Jeopardy! today asked what is Star Wars Day?

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So, what should Stargate day be, do you think?
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Okay, it's for a tablet game, but...it looks really cool. Some of the cast have tweeted they've done voice-over work for it.

There's a Goa'uld and everything! I feel all nostalgic about the show now.
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Overall, I'm satisfied with the ending. It felt like the producers saw the writing on the wall went out the way they wanted to. (I know they always right every season as if it was the end, but this one...yeah).

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Ironically, my neighbor just returned Season 1 dvds to me because I got her hooked on the series. I think one reason she FINALLY is getting cable was so she could watch the show. She looked disappointed when I gave her the news, but took my seasons 2 & 3, heh.

Also, did they HAVE to have the airing of this ep on Christmas, and AGAINST NEW WHO?!!? I'm still waiting for DW to show up on demand so I can finally figure out what what happened (outside of secondary characters being AWESOME appearing).
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Hi guys! Hope you're enjoying this holiday season, and maybe even partying like it's 1999!

[personal profile] wyomingnot just posted a new Stargate Vid, and it's completely appropriate for today, the Mayan Apocalypse (personally, I think the Mayans just got tired of chiseling dates and figured people could just start reusing the calendar).

Fans of brihana25's Eight Years On should really enjoy this. It's got clips from Stargate The Movie through Continuum.

Anyway, here's the link to wyomingnot's Jack feels fine

I'm feeling all nostalgic and wanting to watch some SG-1 episodes now.

ETA: Apparently it's just new to me. Not new in general, which she reposted because of the 12/21/12 thing. But it's still really cute! I've been checking out her youtube vid page and there's lots of cute ones there.
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I know a few people who are just starting to watch Supernatural (SPN) because of Amanda Tapping’s new recurring role as Naomi. I do not pretend to be a superfan of the show, but I follow it enough I can give some of the gist. And after seeing Naomi’s entrance, I think a bit of a backstory may be helpful.

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Holy cow!

Oct. 12th, 2012 07:23 pm
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Traycer just pointed out to me that [livejournal.com profile] sg1_debrief has ceased to exist!

That is a wonderful archive for the fandom. I know the old owners passed it over to other people to keep it RUNNING. This is just so sad. Anyone know what happened?

ETA: GOOD NEWS! The creator got it back, so at least it's alive as an archive if nothing else.
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If you have received an email from me in the last 48 hours, do NOT open it! Trash it with lysol or some kind of equivalent. I got a few spam/funky emails the other day, and while I tried to immediately trash them, somehow it spoofed my address/address book all the same.

I apologize to my flist and anyone else out there in internet land.
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I committed fic! Unfortunately it's not one of the multiple Stargate fics I've got as WIPs (yes, yes, including the Leverage sequel crossover). But it is one I've been contemplating since the end of Season 5, so...progress?

It's my first non-Stargate fic of any kind. Doctor Who Fandom. Hope you enjoy.

Title: And a Penny in the Shoe…
Author: [personal profile] aurora_novarum
Rating: G
Category: Missing Scene; Vignette; Drama; Character Study
Pairing: Rory/Amy (by reference)
Characters: Amy Pond; River Song; Melody
Summary: "AMY: So, what happens here? Big Bang Two? What happens to us?
RIVER: We all wake up where we ought to be."

Spoilers: Missing Scene for Season/Series 5 Finale “Big Bang”; Spoilers for Season/Series 6 “Let’s Kill Hitler”

Author Notes: Thanks to [profile] astrogirl2 for betaing. Any errors remain my own. While I tried to honor/honour the show’s British background, I may have committed Americanisms in spelling/grammar/phrasing. My apologies. First attempt in Who fandom. Transcript quote in summary from [personal profile] jpgr (whose transcripts are AWESOME!)

Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its characters are the property of the British Broadcasting Company and other entities that are not me. This fanfic is not intended as an infringement upon those rights and is solely meant for entertainment.

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