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So I'm finally catching up on some of my tv shows. Just saw the last two episodes of Once Upon a Time...

OMG OMG OMG! That was awesome,and AWWWWWW and Eeeeee!

First a few Annoyances:
Okay, I'll admit the whole "let's completely switch up the plot concept of what's the danger" *let's stop magic* *let's destroy the town* *let's kidnap a little kid and go through a portal even though we'd already left town* was a bit whiplashy in plot twists. I love Hook being a plot twist behind. "Let's go." "Wait, I thought we were saving the town." "We already did."

Plus the magic beans that somehow came down to 3 beans entirely (which how would Emma know that). I don't think the OUaT are farmers. And we won't get into the whole bean portal timing thing.

All of this is so totally "Lost", thanks writers. Maybe Neverland IS the Island. After all, it has its own smoke monster.

But rats, I was wrong about Peter Pan.

But even though OUaT's plot arcs are a bit more loosey goosey this season, it's heart of the characters is still firmly in place (well, except for Cora's at times but that's another story). I love how we had Bae's backstory in one ep and then it continued but from Hook's perspective in the next episode. It gave a sense of the full dynamic between them. Plus of course Belle and Rumple. Rumple and Henry. And Regina and Emma and Henry. And Emma and Bae. And Charming and Snow...and Regina. And the dwarves with Sneezy/Clark! And Grumpy and Belle (via Gold)! And and and...even the little moments shows such rich connection.


Also, Granny watching Henry with weapons. She's so badass.

So...dysfunctional family Thanksgiving dinner on the Jolly Roger?

In other news. I also saw Iron Man 3. LOVED it. But I'm mad at it, because now this fic I've been promising [personal profile] splash_the_cat since before Iron Man 2 came out will look a bit too imitative instead of fortuitous.
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