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So, I never got around to writing my thoughts on the "Name of the Doctor". So here's my thoughts with a few questions.

Okay, I loved this episode, plot holes and all because I love timey wimey kind of episodes and episodes set in the TARDIS and how much the Clara mystery worked in the "macro" kind of sense. I even know enough about the First Doctor and his granddaughter now (thanks specials and the little wikia thing) to appreciate the call back.

I was starting to worry about the characterization of Clara as we know her because they were almost doing too slow a build for her compared to Dalek Oswin and Victorian Clara. We saw bits of spunk, but the focus was almost too much the mystery and too little the character. Or at least that's how I saw it starting out without the mystery revealed. The last few episodes had stopped that criticism for me.

Even though nobody died in this episode, I would've been seriously pissed if Jenny died (I honestly thought they did, I mean they actually gave her an ep with character growth, why not kill her now? I think I've been too influenced by Lost/Abrams). Of course, I would've also been annoyed about Strax or Vastra. I even liked that we finally saw post-Library River. I want to see River/Strax/Jenny/Vastra adventures. Also, Strax totally stole the show.

There's a lot of things I'm able to fanwank in the plotholes, but there's a few I...just can't figure.

1. the Doctor and Clara were going through the depths of the TARDIS via River's gravestone. So...why were they doing that? The next thing we saw was them showing up back OUTSIDE the TARDIS in...well, basically the middle of the trap. How did they get there?!

2. For that matter, how did the GI physically transport Vastra, Jenny, and Strax to the planet at whatever time and place it was?

3. I know astro kind of answered this when I commented in her post,'s still kind of bugging me. Back when Season 6 started, there was such a fuss that you can't leave a molecule of a timelord intact because like wars will break out and stuff. Therefore big viking funeral. So...why does he have a grave?

PS, thanks to those on my flist that honored a bit of discretion in the latest news in Dr. Whodom. I defriended a comm in annoyance--because it IS kind of a spoiler, although a widely, officially publicized, one.


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