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Here's a list of all my Stargate SG-1 stories. Stories are listed in canon chronology. Unless otherwise noted, all stories are gen and range around PG/PG-13.

Note, if you're looking for a particular character or style of story, you can also search by the tags.

Disclaimer for all fanworks on this journal: Not mine, Sony outbid me. Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of MGM/Sony, Double Secret, Showtime, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people that are not me. No copyright infringement expressed or implied, and everything is borrowed with respect and "homage" to the true owners and for entertainment purposes only. No money sought or received in the production of this fic. Any bric a brac left, -- ideas, characters, plot, etc., remain mine.

What Would Jack Do?
SUMMARY: A series of ficlets set Seasons 1-9 (individual stories are listed below with WWJD? prefix). One of my icon prompts.

There's No Place Like Home.
SUMMARY: A sappy little scene of team friendship (plus Janet and Cassie) where the aliens of the group are introduced to a classic movie and make some analogies of their own.

Trauma Confusion
WORD COUNT: < 1,600
SUMMARY: Dr. Jacobs is a regular doctor in Colorado Springs ER department...she's about to have an unusual night.
META/EXTRAS: Fic tags with more of Dr. Jacobs can be found here.

All in a Name
SUMMARY: Could actually fit in any season, but sometime after the team is established. Jack's penchant for not quite saying names right has finally come to bite him in the ass. Unfortunately, Daniel's also a casualty.
META: Just a humorous, cracky fic written for Michelle and JB's birthdays.

The Lollipop Guild
SUMMARY: The team are imprisoned after a diplomatic mistake. How will they get back home?
META: Written to celebrate Redial the Gate hitting 200 members. Tiny Meta found here.

Bra'tac's Bomb
SUMMARY: Bra'tac runs into trouble at the end of a mission...and into some old friends. One of my icon inspired fics.

Infirmary Notes
WORD COUNT: < 1,900
SUMMARY: Janet's dictaphone notes from a day at the of my icon inspired fics.

SUMMARY: Set any time after Season Three's Crystal Skull, an actual comment fic! Daniel has a plan to rescue his team. One of my icon inspired fics.

SUMMARY: Sam is called to help save Jack after a joke gone awry. Inspired by an icon prompt/challenge by annerb.

Sleep Guardian
SUMMARY: Teal'c watches the younger man as he sleeps...

Staying on a Jaffa's Good Side
WORD COUNT: ~1,700
SUMMARY: Siler gets shanghaied into an emergency repair.

No Accounting for Taste
SUMMARY: Teal'c can't breathe after spotting something on the wall of a cave.


Target Practice
SUMMARY: Set early/mid Season 1 (anytime after Cold Lazarus but before Family) Sam starts to get to know the most mysterious of her new teammates. Motorcycle and pool playing ensue!
META: Written for the sg1 "friendathon".

Holding the Bags.
WORD COUNT: ~ 1,400
SUMMARY: A cute Jack and Sam friendship scene during a team expedition to the shopping mall. (Could be any classic season, but really set early in the series)

WORD COUNT: ~ 2,060
SUMMARY: A tag for "Fire and Water" from Sam's POV. The rest of the team is still dealing with reconciling the false memories with Daniel's real presence. Sam and Jack bond over a shared hobby as they make their own peace with things. More Sam/Jack friendship (with teamy bonus)!

WWJD: No Cake for You!
SUMMARY: Part of What Would Jack Do series, SG-2 has an offworld mission that makes Ferretti remember SG-1 missions.


Guard Duty
SUMMARY: Outsider POV of one of the guards in a missing scene of Need.

Getting to Know...Me
SUMMARY: A brief vignette soon after Jacob became a Tok'ra and reflecting on his new life (with Selmak, of course).

Statements Unspoken
WORD COUNT: > 1,500
SUMMARY: Missing scene from Secrets, where Daniel confronts Teal'c on leaving Amaunet in the cave.
META/EXTRAS: DVD Commentary on fic.

The Invisible Rug Groove
WORD COUNT: < 1,000
SUMMARY: Comment fic for Show and Tell. How Walter dealt with an invisible "Mother" in the Gate Room for a few days.
META: Growing out of a discussion from [ profile] redial_the_gate's Show and Tell

Driving Lessons
WORD COUNT: ~ 1,350
SUMMARY: A missing scene from 1969 of how Daniel ends up giving Teal'c driving lessons. Daniel and Teal'c friendship with an extra dash of Jack snark.


WORD COUNT: ~10,500
SUMMARY: Set pre-Seth but after Sam's promotion to Major, SG-1 meets an indigenous population with one hunter who is not as he seems, leading Sam to confront fallout from Jolinar she has tried to ignore. Written for the Sam Carter ficathon.
META/EXTRAS: DVD Commentary for fic.

Al'kesh Answers
SUMMARY: Set between Pretense and Maternal Instinct, it's Daniel and Sam friendship as they try and figure out Goa'uld tech together.

Drawing Straws
WORD COUNT: ~ 10,850
SUMMARY:How does the team cope when one of their own starts acting out of character? The events of "Shades of Grey" from the team's point of view.
META: Tiny Meta Discussion on Drawing Straws here.


Runcible Spoon WORD COUNT: < 8,000
SUMMARY: Daniel and Sam are just exploring a cave on an uninhabited planet. What could go wrong?. Written for the Sam&Daniel ficathon.

The Long Night
SUMMARY: Jack and Sam under siege with a powerful alien weapon. Written for the [ profile] jacksamfriends ficathon (hee hee, my brainchild ficathon. I'm a bit giddy about that, sorry).

WWJD: To the Victor Go the Spoils
SUMMARY: Part of What Would Jack Do? series. Teal'c tries to take a break during the time loops in "Window of Opportunity"

Vanquishing Demons
WORD COUNT: ~17,000
SUMMARY: Teal'c is still recovering from the events of "Serpent's Venom" when the team is called to help in a new mission. Written for the Teal'c ficathon, it's one of my teamiest fics.
META: DVD Commentary

Dreams Teach
WORD COUNT: < 2,050
SUMMARY: A missing scene from Absolute Power answering the question of what was Daniel thinking when he first woke up from that dream?
META: This was my very first fanfic and I have affection for it as my entrance to fandom, but it definitely shows I was pretty rusty. Heh. I also wrote a DVD commentary to the fic.


Constellation Serendipity
SUMMARY: Set between "Ascension" and "The Warrior" and one of the icon inspired fics, this is a quiet moment between Sam and Teal'c discussing work, their lives, the stars, and fate.

WWJD? Pound Cake
SUMMARY: Part of What Would Jack Do series, Major Griff takes a page from the Jack O'Neill playbook on a mission gone wrong.


WWJD? Cake and Sympathy
SUMMARY: Part of What Would Jack Do? series and set pre-Descent, Jonas tries to adjust to being on Earth.

WORD COUNT: ~22,200
SUMMARY: Daniel can't just follow arbitrary rules, such as the ascended's rules of "non-interference", especially when it violates his principles.
SPOILER WARNING: it is the events of Full Circle (and S7 Orpheus), but contains plot/character details from Threads, and even into S9/10.


V is for Victory (the Validation)
WORD COUNT: < 1,500
SUMMARY: After the battle of Langara, a post-Arrom/Daniel second guesses his place here, until Teal'c sets him on the right path.
META: Set as a Homecoming Tag and done as part of Daniel Alphabet Soup

WWJD: Let Them Eat Cake
WORD COUNT: ~2,370
SUMMARY: Part of "What Would Jack Do?" and set soon after Homecoming (kind of sequel to "V is for Victory"), Daniel is still learning who he is as a member of the team while engaging in delicate offworld negotiations.

WWJD: Whipped Dream
SUMMARY: Part of WWJD series, a science experiment goes awry on SGC Level 19. (This one's the crackiest of the series).

Just A Scientist
WORD COUNT: ~ 20,000
SUMMARY: The events of the ill-fated Central American expedition of "Evolution" from the point of view of Bill Lee.
META/EXTRAS: Did a meta on Bill Lee's characterization (with a bit of extra story) here. Also tiny bit more meta as well. See also the Bill Lee and Agent Burke Five Things done that dovetail with Just a Scientist.

Y is for Yu, aka Yu Never Know.
SUMMARY: Daniel and Yu have a private moment during the negotiations of New Order, where Yu brings up one of their previous encounters.
META/EXTRAS: Part of Alphabet Soup for Daniel. Tiny bit of meta on it.

Pie Day
WORD COUNT: ~ 2,850
SUMMARY: General Jack O'Neill discovers an obscure holiday being celebrated on Level Nineteen of the SGC. Just a cute funny scene, with cameos by some SGA characters (set pre-the Rising in SGA).

Revelation and Damnation
WORD COUNT: ~1,100
SUMMARY: An angsty-dark introspection by one of my favorite Stargate characters.
META/EXTRA: Bit of meta/path not taken here.

WWJD: Triple Layer Bittersweet Chocolate
WORD COUNT: ~1,100
SUMMARY: Part of What Would Jack Do? series, this ficlet has Sam doubting her ability to perform her new role on SG-1.
META: Bit of meta/backstory on Frozen Lactose from the fic.

The Archway.
WORD COUNT: ~ 18,400
SUMMARY:SG-1 is stranded on an Ancient planet, and General Jack O'Neill may be the only one who can get them out.
META: Written for the 2007 team ficathon.

A Picture's Worth...
SUMMARY: Just a silly moment back at the sgc with some of the sg teams. After saving the galaxy so many times, there's bound to be a few tokens of gratitude, right? Written for zats's birthday.
META/EXTRAS: A bit of meta on how I pictured the picture.

"Wargames" Didn't Play Out Like This
WORD COUNT: > 4,100
SUMMARY: Leverage's Alec Hardison has been caught hacking into NORAD and is brought to Cheyenne for questioning. Unfortunately it's when the SGC is dealing with a crisis.
NOTE: Crossover with Leverage (Spoilers for Leverage 2.05 "3 Days of the Hunter Job")


Flights of Ingenuity
WORD COUNT: ~ 1,900
SUMMARY: Jack takes Teal'c sightseeing to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. Character study with humor.
META/EXTRAS: Technically can be anytime after Season Eight, it's a sequel to a comment fic pepper wrote for my birthday about Teal'c and Jack doing the tourist "thing" in DC. Paragraph of Meta here.

A Friend in Need
WORD COUNT: < 4,700
SUMMARY: Avalon 1 missing scene. Teal'c is called away from his work with the Free Jaffa council when Daniel is suddenly and mysteriously taken ill.

Many Roads
WORD COUNT: < 22,000
CATEGORY: Ship (Harrid/Sallis and ref Daniel/Sha're); Gen
SUMMARY: What if Harrid's consciousness wasn't completely suppressed by the devices as Daniel thought? The events of Avalon 2 and Origin from Harrid's POV--a "not Daniel" Daniel story.
WARNING: Canon character death.
META: Notes on Harrid and Sallis found here.

Insurance Snafu at the CPO
WORD COUNT: < 4,650
SUMMARY: Set after Origin, it's a lighthearted look at Daniel's many deaths after an audit calls him to the Civilian Personnel Office.
META: Here's a DVD Meta Commentary edition giving my thoughts now and a few insights on how I wrote it. And just when I thought I couldn't write any more about it, here's a Scriptstyle Prequel between O'Neill and Davis at the Pentagon.

WWJD: Let the Crumbs Fall Where They May
WORD COUNT: ~ 1,040
SUMMARY: Part of What Would Jack Do? series, Landry is having a really bad day at the SGC when he gets a special delivery from Jack.

V is for Vala
SUMMARY: Teal'c and Vala bond over Tau'ri movies.
META: Part of Teal'c Alphabet Soup

DragonPony (aka Beanpot is Evil)
WORD COUNT: < 1,100
SUMMARY: Mitchell finds himself fighting a bizarre looking beast. One of the icon inspired prompts that took a crack icon of a mylittlepony dinosaur and somehow morphed into an angst teamy concern tag to "Babylon" from Mitchell's POV.

WORD COUNT: > 2,100
SUMMARY: Set post Prototype, a short humorous off-world adventure of the team getting all tied up in a scene reminiscent of Return of the Jedi.

WWJD: Take the Cake
SUMMARY: Part of What Would Jack Do? series. Set as the first mission after "Off the Grid", SG-1 has to escape the clutches of a second string Goa'uld. (Cam's POV).

Alien Babes Get Around
SUMMARY: McKay is assigned to help one of the Tok'ra scientists with a difficult piece of equipment.
META: Was punchy tired and annerb made a daring comment on her lj (so it's all her fault) and well...yeah. Total crack.

WWJD: Peace of Cake
SUMMARY: Denouement of the WWJD series, Jack O'Neill is disconcerted to find out his old teammates find him predictable.

Redshirt Airman
SUMMARY: Stream of conscious study of Airman Walker's sentry duty at the cave during "The Scourge".

Jackson's Not Himself
SUMMARY: The usual day at the SGC, alien technology going wild, possessed teammates. The events of Crusade from Mitchell's point of view.


After The Battle
WORD COUNT: ~4,000
SUMMARY: A missing scene/episode tag for "Flesh and Blood", with SG-1 licking its wounds. Daniel's point of view.

I Feel Pretty
SUMMARY: Cowritten with [personal profile] abyssinia, this is just a silly, fun team moment born of an IM session.

...In the Ballroom with the Rope
WORD COUNT: ~3,400
SUMMARY: Loosely set as tag for 200, it's light fluff as SG-1 in all its incarnations enjoys a "board game" night together.

Be Prepared
SUMMARY: Vala's choice for "movie" night. Team banter and some surprising revelations. Set anytime in the season.

Between the Lines
WORD COUNT: 12,700
SUMMARY: episode tag to Talion, all from Jack O'Neill's point of view. He deals with the aftermath of the mission to Amon Shek and goes to check on the health of his old friends and new team.
META/EXTRAS: A few "fic scenes" from Vala's perspective can be found here.

Girls Night In
WORD COUNT: ~ 4,300
SUMMARY: Episode tag for "Family Ties". A late night snack raid and some girl friendship bonding because there's not enough friendship fics amongst the Stargate ladies.

Unexpected Visitor
WORD COUNT: < 1,000
SUMMARY: Sam, Carolyn, and Vala stop by Carter's house on their way to a girls' night out, but Sam has an unexpected visitor...
META/NOTES: I see this as post "Girls Night In" and companion piece to "Infirmary Notes". Was one of the "Five Things" Carolyn Lam learned about Janet Fraiser.

Haunted Ship
WORD COUNT: ~16,000
SUMMARY: Odyssey's crew notices something different about their ship after the events of "Unending".

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow.
WORD COUNT: ~1,060
SUMMARY: Goodbyes are always hard (and anything more would be a spoiler). An SG-1 fic that takes place as a missing scene during SGA Season Four "Reunion". Sappiness and tissue warning.

Path of Good Intentions
WORD COUNT: ~6,000
SUMMARY: Exploring Teal'c's voyage to how his life changed with relation to Ba'al in the alternate timeline. Warning: secondary character death. Written for the tealc_ficathon on livejournal.


Observations: Five Things Bill Lee learned about Daniel Jackson during the events of Evolution.

Old Friends Remet: Five things Agent Burke learned about Jack O'Neill during the events of Evolution.

Five People With Crushes on Daniel Jackson

Five Things Hammond kept hidden in his desk drawers

Five Inappropriate Times Thor Beamed Jack Up

Five Courses Rodney McKay will never admit to taking in college.

Five Things Carolyn Lam learned about Janet Fraiser after becoming SGC CMO (see also: "Unexpected Visitor" in Season Ten, below).

Five Ways Daniel Would Run

Five Ways Daniel Would Run: The Cat in the Hat Version

Peep Peril
WORD COUNT: n/a (mixed media--image heavy)
SUMMARY: Classic Team crackfic with Jack Action Figure. Inspired by the pictures by ShirleyFeeney.

20 Things That Are My SG-1 Canon This was a meme going around. It's a listing that's a combination of mini-meta essays and quasi-ficlets, and probably the closest thing to drabbles that I will ever get. Spoilers up through Season Nine.

Also, if you've just wandered by here because you're wondering who the heck this "aurora" person is? The short story: I'm a gen fan and Stargate trivia geek who has a tendency to babble.

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thothmes: Thor, headshot.  Legend: Very, very, very platonic love (VeryPlatonicLove)
From: [personal profile] thothmes
Hi, as per your request on your profile, having subscribed to you and granted you access (I'm a friendly sort but comfortable with whatever level of companionship is offered), I'm dropping you a line.

I've enjoyed what fic of yours I've read over on lj, and for a long time I was more of a lurker, but I'm trying to change that on the grounds of trying to do unto others, etc. I'm thothmes over there too.

I'm one of those deluded sam/jack types (I know you are gen all the way), but I like gen too, and believe firmly in co-existence and live and let live. But as a gen fan, read my tags with care. If a piece is mostly gen with a some contaminating s/j bits, the tags will show both. It's my best attempt at truth in advertising

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aelfgyfu_mead: SG-1 in the infirmary (SG-1)
From: [personal profile] aelfgyfu_mead
Very nicely done! And you managed to get "Just a Scientist" into one post! Wow! (It's almost enough to make me wonder if I should give up having my own site and move my fic all to Dreamwidth!)

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aelfgyfu_mead: SG-1 in the infirmary (SG-1)
From: [personal profile] aelfgyfu_mead
I have a 51,000 word Primeval story, a 52,000 word SG-1 story, a 60,000 word SGA story. Maybe I'm better off with my own site! (Maybe I should work on being concise. . . .)


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