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Okay, so [personal profile] fabrisse was asking about a fic, which made me start searching through my fic recs (awww, hi old stories by cool authors!)

And then I remembered an old favorite...except for the title...or the author. Dammit.

It was a "Proving Ground" type story. It switched from one character to another. There was a group in the commissary/mess hall. Janet had a strong role.

What was this story?!

My dreamwidth f-list came through!

[personal profile] synecdochic's The Only Winning Move

Funnily [profile] redbyrd_sgfic came to mind when I was looking, but scanning briefly, hers are *all* missing scenes and I knew it was independent. Turns out she inspired syne's efforts with Training Exercises. So my brain's only *mostly* fried, not totally. *grin*
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[personal profile] sixbeforelunch just wrote a fantastic gen Daniel story. Beneath the Rule of Men

The summary is "why Daniel Jackson makes the worst hostage ever." And boy does it deliver.

It's very funny, but poignant too, and the warnings are a bit dark (no darker than may be seen on the show when it aired).
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Hi guys! Hope you're enjoying this holiday season, and maybe even partying like it's 1999!

[personal profile] wyomingnot just posted a new Stargate Vid, and it's completely appropriate for today, the Mayan Apocalypse (personally, I think the Mayans just got tired of chiseling dates and figured people could just start reusing the calendar).

Fans of brihana25's Eight Years On should really enjoy this. It's got clips from Stargate The Movie through Continuum.

Anyway, here's the link to wyomingnot's Jack feels fine

I'm feeling all nostalgic and wanting to watch some SG-1 episodes now.

ETA: Apparently it's just new to me. Not new in general, which she reposted because of the 12/21/12 thing. But it's still really cute! I've been checking out her youtube vid page and there's lots of cute ones there.
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Hey all!

Rec'cing a few things.

First: [profile] sg1_five_things is celebrating their 150th set of prompts. The unveiling's tomorrow, but there's still time if you want to write a quick comment.

Speaking of five things, [personal profile] eilidh17 wrote up a Five Times SG-1 Left Daniel Offworld that's absolutely wonderful.

In other fandoms, I've been attracted to some fics recced to me.
Doctor Who: [personal profile] jadethe2nd wrote An awesome Nine/River story. And yes, you read that right. Actually it's not really AU. It could really work with canon! And y'all know I'm so pedantic when it comes to insanely minor canon stuff...

Farscape and DW and Pretender and everything else, [profile] astrogirl2's been playing around with some tiny ficlet plot bunnies of late and you should just go read at her journal. But while I'm rec'cing astro, an oldie but a goodie, in case you've never read the best Doctor Who/Calvin & Hobbes crossover. You have to at least read that one.
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See, I am still around! Yes, I mostly lurk and comment rather than write in my own journal, but I am still here! *waves to flist*

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm still loving my new job but it's keeping me very very very busy. I'm usually brain and computer fried by teh time I catch up on my flist. However, I did wander around this week and discovered [personal profile] paian rec'cing a round robin kind of fic set up on Dreamwidth.

It's called [community profile] arboreal_gate. It's for gen/het/slash/femslash and any kind of Gateverse you like, SG-1, SGA, or SGU. Write a scene. Write a line. Start a new one. Branch an existing WIP into a new direction.

I just wrote a scene in a second version of a fic Fluffy Branch 2. The team's returned from a strange offworld experience and now they've got problems of their own.

Go enjoy the fics there, or play yourselves!
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I just read an absolutely wonderful Episode Tag for the AU world of "Point of No Return". Under a Cloudless Sky is Alternate Daniel's introduction to the SGA by AU Sam.

[personal profile] stringertheory does a fantastic job world building the devastation, physically and emotionally in the aftermath of the episode, and she does so much with the characters.

Plus it features my favorite team members and I'm a sucker for outsiders view/first impressions of the Stargate program, so it hit some good fic buttons for me. (Gen Worksafe)
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I know I haven't been around much of late. Work and life and family funerals and work again have just had me going non-stop.

But I have been lurking from time to time. And I've seen some lovely fic, especially in the last few days! Here's a list of a few cute stories I've run across:

Bad Birthdays by [personal profile] thothmes is a great group of ficlets, each one wonderful of a not so great birthday for various Stargate characters. My personal favorites are Teal'c's, Sara's and Shau'ri's, but there's something in there for every taste. (make sure to read BOTH parts).

Two People Talking by [personal profile] sallymn, is a fantastic little crossover with Jack O'Neill and Orac of Blake's 7. I know *nothing* about Blake's 7 except that a few of my flist think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, from the Jack perspective, completely awesome!

Sound by cyren. This is a wonderful Jonas vignette exploring some of his own aftereffects post-Meridian. Characterization is great.

New Years Eve Janet and Daniel spent together by cnardian. Daniel/Janet in one but the other could read as ship or gen (with some teamy goodness!). Plus JANET!!!! (Also, there's other fics that spun off from them that are older and I never knew about before. So AWESOME BONUS FIC! *be sure to read the grilled cheese incident*

See, I've been doing SOMETHING in my spare time! ;-)
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Well Halloween's right around the corner, so of course I'm reposting my list of Halloween/Spooky recs. Even if you've read them, it's a good time for a reread of a good spooky (or silly) tale, right? I'll admit, this list is pretty identical to my 2009 entry. But...

I can finally include an entry of my own for it:
Haunted Ship Odyssey's crew thinks their ship is haunted.

Others on the list:

Resurrection Meriet by [profile] sidlj (gen, team)

Shadow over Chatsworth (SGA/SG-1 crossover) by [personal profile] saffronhouse (gen, team (mostly Daniel & Rodney), R for violence)

Ghost in the Machine, an SGA fic by [personal profile] sholio (gen john/rodney friendship).

Not to be confused with SG-1 Ghost in the Machine by Anais. (J/D slash)

Veil by [personal profile] eve11 (gen, team).

Shadows of Fear by [profile] traycer_ (PG, team)

Yet Another SG-1 Adventure by [profile] minnow1212 (gen, team).

The Slumbering Place of Stars by [personal profile] surreallis (gen, team, R for violence).

WWZD (crack fic) by [personal profile] poohmusings with sequel fic (gen, team, warning for laughter).

You Are My Sunshine by Travelling One (gen, Daniel centric team, R for well creepiness that can make your imagination go nuts, hee).

Diers Anonymous. Not spooky but a crackfic about various fandom's constantly reanimated characters (like Daniel) (Gen).

list of zombie fics culled together by [personal profile] splash_the_cat.

group of spooky fics done by [personal profile] holdouttrout.

group of spooky fics by [personal profile] nandamai.

There's also an annual multifandom [personal profile] spook_me ficathon that goes live tomorrow. No idea about Stargate entries on it.

Frambu Juice by [profile] amaranthraces

Additions Are Welcome in Comments (especially self-pimps!)

FanVid Rec

May. 10th, 2010 02:15 pm
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I was searching for the High School Never Ends music vid, because I love it as my "happy place" video and wanted to link it to [profile] tafkarfanfic.

I then realized the same vidder came up with a few more, and this one especially caught my eye. You know how SG-1 can be seen as one big happy, dysfunctional family? MilenaDaniels takes it to higher levels with this cracky country song with a main pairing of Ba'al/Adria. Yes, you read that. Just trust me.

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Yes, I'm doing it again.

Phoenix Gate Rises Again
[community profile] phoenix_gate is starting up its ficathon again. Prompts are being requested here. Phoenix-gate is resurrecting all those dead and/or forgotten secondary characters of SG-1 and SGA (not SGU yet, because it's only got half a season under it's belt). Gen/Het/Slash/Femmeslash/OT# are all welcome.

So if you're itching to read more about Janet or Hammond (and lets face it, who isn't?) or even Chuck the Atlantis chevron dude, run over to phoenix gate and let them know. (see icon for other inspiring secondary. Hee!) P.S. Prompting doesn't commit you to write. Signups for writing will be in the near future.

Stargate on Chinese Proverbs
Also, you may want to check out a new multi-fandom ficathon called [community profile] 36_stratagems (mirror comm here on live journal. The comm is running equally on both lj and dw.

Based on 36 stratagems on politics and war, these proverbs are the inspiration for fic prompts. You sign up, you'll randomly get assigned a proverb, and go to town. (If you want to see the proverbs themselves, moderator [profile] ultranos_fic provided this handy link. Like I said, it's multifandom, so do anything from White Collar to Leverage, Hercules to Lost, but obviously I'm partial to Stargate (SG-1) entries. :-)

I'm still on my vow not to do anything until I get my help_haiti fic done, but hey, I'm on page 11! There are words! There are scenes! There is progress! Go me! So hopefully I'll get to play with everyone else soon. :-)
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Links of coolness.

Evening the Odds was [personal profile] cleothemuse's answer to The One Prompt comm on lj and it's a hilarious look at Reynolds's philosophy of being a team leader.

To Dance on the Floor in a Round by [personal profile] pepper is a great team story. I'm not a fan of this genre, but this "realistic" spin on a very cracky cliche will have you laugh and cry.

Rumor Mill by cowardly lion is a "comic" aby rec'ced. You'd think the screencaps used were posed specifically for cowardly lion's story. Hilarious.

And last but not least:

The Baby Job. A Leverage fic by [personal profile] beanpot (featuring stargazer's Baby Thor!) Even as a straight up story, it's character perfect.

*laughs that two of my fic recs involve babies...well three from a certain point of view*

ETA: Oh, and a pimping rec. Solutions Site has gone through a site redesign. It's still being doctored with new features, but the main page is done and the news blog has been updated (with tags for the main cast for all three shows to make it easier to find tidbits about your favorite actor).

You may want to check out the retrospectives that DeeKay has been doing of all the past seasons of SG-1 and SGA (she calls them 13 for 13, but what they are is a look back at the cast and crew's thoughts about the seasons from back then. It's a kinda neat walk down memory lane.
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Vids seem to be the theme of the day, so...let's roll with it.

First, a very sweet and slow teamy h/c vid by [personal profile] cleothemuse: Don't Give Up. Aw, teamy goodness, all season!

Also, [personal profile] buefo has made SG-1 Goes to the Movies which is a gen team vid (she mentions a possible Daniel bias in the clips, heh) done to the theme songs of some iconic movies. Lots of fun. (Can watch streaming or download).

And last but not least, you guys ARE keeping up with MGM, right? The orientation videos just keep on coming. Latest is about the Lucian Alliance. I think I may wear out the replay on some of them. (Dammit, I may end up buying the SGU Season 1 dvd just for this "extra" if it's on there).

Gen Recs

Oct. 6th, 2009 08:36 pm
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Aurora has had a no good crappy horrible day. What is the solution?! Read good fic!

First a rec of a fic I just randomly discovered wandering the interwebs.

Routine Mission by maranya14
SG-13 intrateam banter and friendly rivalry with their comrades as far as bragging rights. It's DAVE DIXON. How can you not love it?

Secondly, I've had a couple of belated birthday presents (seriously, I'm very overwhelmed by the fandom love I received)

The Interview by sg_betty. A linguist gets recruited to this strange classified program, and now he's cooling his heels post clearance checks waiting for the job's not quite like he expected. :-)

A Birthday to Remember by [personal profile] thothmes. It's Daniel post Homecoming in Season 7, heading offbase and to his new apartment, but he's forgotten the date. Nice insight into Daniel's mindset, and sweet teamy goodness.
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Wow! This has been an amazing birthday for me. Pretty cards and time with family and friends and CHOCOLATE CAKE for dessert.

And lots of lovely birthday wishes from fandom too. Thank you all for the lovely thoughts and shout outs [personal profile] abyssinia, [personal profile] traycer, [personal profile] moonshayde, [profile] suzannemarie, [personal profile] astrumporta and [personal profile] beanpot. And even some fandom "presents" too! You know the bestest thing about fandom presents? Everyone can enjoy them!

First off, was an amusing/scary classic SG-1 team fic by [personal profile] sallymn complete with sparkly font birthday wishes! Heh.

And then [profile] pepper_field wrote a sequel fic to one of my favorite Sam & Daniel tales ever by writing up Therapeutic Effect.

Co-Libra [personal profile] zats_clear who shares my adoration of Lexa Doig, decided to spin off on that as her inspiration for a birthday caption.

Also in the pic motif,
[profile] annerbhp outdid herself in SG-1 team awesomesauce picspam of classic team and S9/10 era. See Jack&Daniel in the naughty corner and Teal'c's wrath on DVR sabotage, or Jaffa Jeopardy (OT: One of today's Jeopardy categories was all about October Firsts. Hee!)

Not to be outdone, [ profile] supplyship had the SG-1 team throw together a birthday party for me complete with Urgo.

And still more fic!
Battlefield by [profile] a_loquita is S10 era team on some downtime teamy goodness...but there's a bit of [good natured] conflict going on.

Last but certainly not least, [personal profile] holdouttrout explored Five Beings Who Inhabit the SGC about some of those unsung heroes who work and/or live in the lower levels of Cheyenne Mountain.

And on the dreamwidth side, [personal profile] samantilles made me a few special birthday icons! (I'm using one of them here. :-D

AND someone anonymously gifted me with a year of paid time! (This may have just been coincidental, but I'm not so sure about that). Hmm. I have a small suspect list, but who knows, it may just be some random coincidence. ;-)

And then [personal profile] fignewton, [personal profile] annerb and [personal profile] sg_betty have offered to write me fic based on prompts (they don't realize how dangerous this is. I'm terrible at prompting. When I get inspired it's usually with whole scenes and/or dialogue snippets).

And totally not birthday related, but [personal profile] paian just introduced me to [personal profile] wyomingnot's fanvids...she loves SG-1 AND Leverage. I think I'm in heaven. :-)

(Cross posting this on lj and dw, even though the usernames will probably get mucked up along the way)
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Since I thought of a few more fics to supplement [personal profile] minxy's extensive list of Teal'c fic recs, I'm reposting them here to remind *myself* of some of my favorite Teal'c stories (and my list is NOT exhaustive. I was trying not to repeat minxy's [like [personal profile] paian's Speak the Living is a favorite and I know I completely forgot TONS of other awesome stories because my brain is a sieve. )

But in any case...

The Magic of Myth by [personal profile] pepper Which IS Jack and Teal'c at a cathedral. Teal'c's got his own interests in making a pilgrimage there. (Plus, pepper wrote it for MY birthday...but that doesn't make me biased one bit).

Team's Night Out by [personal profile] smg01 is a funny team adventure where SG-1 takes Teal'c bowling for the first time.

Divided Loyalties by [personal profile] moonshayde Teal'c feeling adrift after the defeat of the Goa'uld. Character study and view of team friendship

In Memoriam by Cynic_al is a look at future-old Teal'c (he's a grandfather), telling his grandson about his old team (written pre-Unending)

They're Waiting All the Same... by [personal profile] beanpot. Sam and Teal'c friendship, set post Counterstrike through a lot of Season Ten. Sam and Teal'c friendship as they think of a lost team member. (There's also a sequel/prequel from another perspective called "Come Ride a Choo-Choo Train").

A couple of [personal profile] beanpot's Gran'ma Mitchell series, Gran'ma has a particularly close connection to Teal'c:
Tomorrow I Will Open My Door Again where Gran'ma and Teal'c meet over Cam's hospital bedside.

Granma Said There'd Be Days Like This kidfic, (I'm not usually a fan, but this one cracked me up. And I'm not just saying that because I betaed).

Some really cool fic came out of the latest rendition of the tealc_ficathon from this spring, including... [see, this is bad because I'll list a few personal favorites, but really, you should go read ALL of them because there's not a loser in the group]

Package Deal by [personal profile] kernezelda Set S10, Teal'c has a birthday party.

Just Like Old Times by [personal profile] beatrice_otter Teal'c and Daniel have to go on a search and rescue mission for some wayward Jaffa chal'til (children).

Like a Bicycle by [profile] astrogirl2 is Teal'c learning how to ride a bicycle. It's a wonderful character study on Teal'c and his views on the Tau'ri.

Let's Leave While We're Happy by [personal profile] beanpot Teal'c helps Sam move to Area 51 (s8-s9 era). [I may be partial since this was the fic written for me]

The Sleeping Warrior by [profile] annerbhp Teal'c/Ishta. Set Season 9/10 era ish (kinda AU...or at least early S9 since it's an Oriless universe). Bra'tac needs to be rescued.

Like I said, I'm atrocious at bookmarking/archiving fics I love (Which is a bad thing since I also have a bad memory for names. Hum a few bars and I'll tell you everything that happens in a fic, but ask me the title or author? Hah!)

Fic recs

Jun. 11th, 2009 06:37 pm
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*Run* do not walk to [personal profile] holdouttrout's journal and read her anthropolical meta study she has excerpted from the journal of a "friend" who spent some time studying a strange "camp" in a certain unnamed "fandom". It's all just tongue-in-cheek fun, but I'm in awe of the clever writing techniques used for the meta/crack/gentle ribbing.

If you're more in the mood for a fictional foray than meta crack, I also VERY HIGHLY recommend ziparumpazoo's
The Friday Night Colonel's Club. A fantastic look through the years at the guys (and at least one gal ;-)) who head up the offworld teams of the SGC from Jack's POV. If you squint, you *may* see Jack/Sam, but I read it as gen. It's just a wonderful character study and group of powerful vignettes. I *reveled* in this tale.
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RUN! Do not walk, but RUN! to This Bill Lee comment fic written by [personal profile] ziparumpazoo off [personal profile] mrspollifax's prompt.

Bean wrote a Sam/Lorne fic which is adorable as much for the insights she gives for Carter and Lorne as much as for the understated ship she slips into it. Lovely little fic.

[personal profile] tenaya wrote a cute untitled ficlet on Daniel Jackson/Supernatural Crossover as her entry to Dreamwidth. Here on LJ, Here on Dreamwidth (I barely watch the show SPN and I was amused).

Also, I am seriously fangirling [ profile] dsudis [personal profile] dira. She's studying SG-1 via a Bechdel test (basically female characters in scenes together not talking about guys) and where she can spot a way on screen, she fills in the necessary dialogue in missing scene stories. I'm not explaining it well, but they're the most awesome missing scenes! I'm still haunted and reread the one she's done of Sha're and the poor (no longer) unnamed Air Force Sergeant, but dsudis is going down the list of Season One and I'm trying to follow every step of the way. Here's the link to her bechdel tag on lj.

Yay! I made the [ profile] tealc_ficathon deadline (mainly because [personal profile] beanpot is a rockstar). And am enjoying the lots of cool Teal'c fic there! Now I just have to knuckle down and see if [ profile] stargate_summer is at all possible for me.

Pepper has opened the leftover [ profile] jacksamfriends prompts up. No grabbags, just the leftover plot bunnies if anyone feels the desire to give them a home, because we all need more jack & sam love (even in the friendship boat of D'Nial).

Crap, I was going to link to so many of my cool new icon posts I've been seeing too, but I'm not even sure what I'm listing is going to work!

It's really gratifying as one of the mods to see that five seasons in, people are still excited to signup for recaps at [ profile] redial_the_gate, and a lot of new faces signed up! All the recaps are gone, but still room for lots of meta.

Also, I am cross posting this entry on livejournal and dreamwidth (well, I'm doing it the old fashioned way of copy pasting). I am over there (same name) and plan to have dreamwidth more my fic journal. I can fit my uberlong stories all in one post there! Whee! Nothing's set in stone of how I use dreamwidth.
teal deer about my dreamwidth move navel gazing )
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I bear video recs of glee (especially since so many of us including me are having crappy weeks/months).

You know how, ever since Kalquessa and bean's anon meme and everything I've been flailing for someone to write an SG-1 vid on the BOOM-DE-YADA song? Well [ profile] nibikko and Dragonfly DID! It's actually both SG-1 and SGA. AND IT'S SO CUTE!!!! And it was done way back in JUNE! Why did no one tell me about this?!?!?!?!?! (thanks [ profile] maychorian for reccing to begin with) Nibikko is one of my favorite vidders ever (and she's a super sweetie to boot), and I like Dragonfly's style too, and then the song. It's just a winner anyway you slice it. In case no one else has seen it either.

BOOM DE YADA Stargate Vid Second Vid down is where you can find it (right click to download) is WORTH IT!!! Okay, I admit, I'm totally biased when it comes to any of nibikko's vids, but seriously. Watch it).

Also, thanks to [ profile] shuthef_up, I found this hilarious video about how SG-1 is just like high school. It's SG-1 from all the seasons (plus a few SGA clips too). It put a big, big smile on my face. High School Never Ends. By MilenaDaniels on YouTube.

Finally, a hilarious SG-1 spin on one of the songs of Broadway Musical Avenue Q by ladyknight1991. It's been edited to seem like the characters are actually singing the ensemble piece. It's got all the SG-1 variations as well: It Sucks to Be You (youtube vid--language warning)
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[ profile] ziparumpazoo wrote a sequel to her Christmas Cookie theater.

Peep Gate.

It's delicious hilarious.
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Spamming you with the awesomeness I've discovered...

There's a "Friday News Roundup" that [ profile] never_at_home has started over at [ profile] sg1_solutions. It's a great capture of all the news in Stargate-dom with links and cool quotes.

Like just this week, it lists CB's new voice over work, and a clip of Ben Browder's new movie, and an interview with Beau Bridges on how much he loved working on Stargate, as well as honors given to Amanda Tapping and a new very newsworthy interview Michael Shanks gave. And also lists scheduled airings of some of Don S. Davis's final works. I'm finding it a great way to catch up on a lot of the news I miss.

Also, while I've got your attention...(heh)
[ profile] redial_the_gate is doing its international chat for "Beneath The Surface" at 8pm EST (and whatever that translates to in your time zone). Come join our drooling at hawtness snarking at orange pajamas and gruel!

[ profile] jacksamfriends is still open for signups! (What you think I'd go without mentioning it?) As bean said, it's a guy and a girl as friends...SO EDGY!

This meme thing I just did has been very fun (especially how I got so many of y'all to do it. Bwa ha ha ha! I love finding out meta on people's fic!) But it's all [ profile] beanpot's fault I've now ended up writing a scriptlike PREQUEL of Insurance SNAFU.

And finally some recs a bit unusual for me. Jonas Fic! (I know, first I wrote some, now rec'cing? I'm a rebel lately!) But seriously, this is great crack with teamy goodness!

First [ profile] supplyship posted a story about Jonas's introduction to tv infomercials with
As Seen On...Orilla. And then [ profile] a_loquita came up with a sequel fic: Back to Basics. It really fits with Jonas (and I go with the theory SG-1's not even pulling his

Um...I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but...oh well. Happy Friday!


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