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In the holiday spirit for all my SG-1 friends, here are links to some Stargate themed Christmas carols by the nutty gang at the SG-1 thread at [ profile] extrabadpenguin was kind enough to compile them in one forum post here.

To give you a hint at what you'll be subjected to for much less than $19.99 and a Chia pet, among the songs are:

Jacob the Tok'ra General (to tune of Rudolph)
Jingle Ba'al
Anubis is Coming to Town
Rockin Around the SGC
and many more!

But wait, there's more! Bonus if you call now, heh.
Do You Hear What I Hear?
The Twelve Days of Stargate

Yes, I think we're pretty much aware we're nuts. :-) (oh, and if you read the one I penned, I *know* I'm not a poet or lyricist, LOL)

In a serious vein, happy holidays to all!

Peep Peril

Sep. 29th, 2006 09:10 am
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Title: Peep Peril
Author: The Stargate TwoPsters
Compiled by: Pictures by Shirley Feeney; Text by Aurora Novarum
Rating: Family/General Audience
Category: Gen
Genre: Crackfic, Humor, Crossover (see Disclaimer for with what)

Summary: When SG-1 arrives at a strange new planet filled with strange pastel creatures, ActionFigureBlackOpsJack runs into trouble (basically think of SG-1 et al meet Toy Story).

Warnings: Many cliches were killed from overuse in the writing of this tale. Author takes no responsibility for eye pain from eyes rolling or stomach pain from laughing.

Author's Notes: Peep Peril was inspired by the photographs by TwoPster Shirley Feeney that illustrate this story. A host of TwoPsters too numerous to mention came up with plot concepts and other action figure "friends" for the team to meet. The title was named by TwoPster "Big Beagle". Compiling these inspirations and probably the sole author of the stupider ideas was Aurora Novarum. This unbetaed story first appeared within the forum that created it and is dedicated to that particular crazy corner of fandom.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 characters and plots are the property of Sony/MGM and others that are not me; X-Files and characters are also not mine; Star Trek characters and plotlines are the property of Paramount and others; Ronald McDonald and Grimace are trademarked to McDonalds; Colonel Sanders and the Taco Bell chihuahua are the property of PepsiCo; the King is the property of Burger King; Bob's Big Boy is a trademark of Bob's Big Boy. Peeps are a trademark of someone else not me. Barbie and Ken are the property of Mattel, Inc. Quotes from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "Toy Story" and "Ghostbusters" amongst other pop culture references, again, none of which I wrote or own. The use of all of the above listed was for satire and entertainment purposes only and not for any monetary gain. No disrespect nor copyright infringement is intended to any of the real owners. (I mentioned it was CrackFic, right?)

Warning: Images below the cuts

Peep_Peril_I )

Peep_Peril_Part_II )
Peep_Peril_III )

Peep_Peril_IV )

Peep_Peril_The_Final_Chapter )
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My normal haunt for Stargate discussion is a one thread subforum within "". We're a strange, eclectic, friendly group. But if you don't haunt there, the rest of this journal entry probably will bore you. ;-)

I've been on TWoP for a while now, and have seen several inside jokes develop within the forum, some of which I even find confusing, and I've noticed some others also scratch their heads about. Many of them were just innocent comments that took on lives of their own...and some TWoPsters have apparently long memories.

This is meant to be a lexicon to some of the expressions and abbreviations used by Stargate fans, and the TWoPster fans in particular. If there's something not on the list, or you still don't get it, jump in and ask, we don't bite...well, most of us don't (not sure about Bob...but you'll find out about him below). And don't let that stop you from jumping in with your own thoughts either. The more the merrier! Get off that lurker couch potato couch!

Tintin? SpotDion? What are you peopletalking about? )
Bob_and_Balls_of_Hate )
The_Bands?!? )
The_Barges,_the_Ships,_and_other_Maritime_Vessels: )
Abbreviations )

Other_References )

Food )
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I started this on the television without pity forum, and I thought it would be good to archive before the webmaster there decided to purge older posts, etc (and because it was a pain to find, heh).

Here's where it started within the thread, but I tried to give proper credit to every TwoPster for their additions. Hopefully I haven't missed some of the entries there. Stargate TWoP thread

It's a one thread forum for Stargate, so sometimes posts have three different discussions going on.

Stargate Drinking Game )


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