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Vids seem to be the theme of the day, so...let's roll with it.

First, a very sweet and slow teamy h/c vid by [personal profile] cleothemuse: Don't Give Up. Aw, teamy goodness, all season!

Also, [personal profile] buefo has made SG-1 Goes to the Movies which is a gen team vid (she mentions a possible Daniel bias in the clips, heh) done to the theme songs of some iconic movies. Lots of fun. (Can watch streaming or download).

And last but not least, you guys ARE keeping up with MGM, right? The orientation videos just keep on coming. Latest is about the Lucian Alliance. I think I may wear out the replay on some of them. (Dammit, I may end up buying the SGU Season 1 dvd just for this "extra" if it's on there).
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Eeep! My first crossover (well, except for Pie Day, but that was all in the Gateverse).

Title: "Wargames" Didn't Play Out Like This
Category: SG-1/Leverage Crossover; Gen; Action/Adventure; Character Studies; Humor; Episode Related
Rating: PG (for canonesque violence and minor language)
Spoilers: SG-1 Season 8*; Leverage through Season 2, Episode Five

Summary: Hardison has an unusual run-in with "the Man".

Author's Note: Hopefully the fic speaks for itself (as "Other Characters" if you're not familiar with one of the fandoms). Thanks to [profile] ultranos_fic for some computer culture advice and [profile] annerbhp for alpha/beta duties. Any errors or inaccuracies remain my own.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, etc. Leverage and its characters are the property of Electric Television, TNT, Paramount, etc. (basically both shows owned by hosts of people who are not me). No infringement intended and no money sought.

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Title: Red Shirt Airman
Category: Missing Scene from "the Scourge"; Character Study; Gen; Action
Warnings: Language; icky bugs; Season 9 Scourge spoilers
Rating: PG-13 ish
Word Count: ~480

Summary: Airman Walker's thoughts while on guard duty at the caves.

Author's Notes: Done for a challenge a few years ago. Was my first really short story and first attempt at stream of consciousness. The original story was always hidden because I thought it was utter dreck. [personal profile] zats_clear read it and convinced me to let it see the light of day, so here's a slightly polished version. Thanks to zats for betaing (Any and all blame still goes to me ;-).

text )
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Title: Path of Good Intentions
Author: [personal profile] aurora_novarum
Warning/Spoilers: Secondary Character Death; Violence; Spoilers for Continuum
Word Count: ~6,000
Summary: "Teal'c… I will always regret that you never became my First Prime." –Ba'al "Stargate: Continuum"

Author's Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] beanpot for being a rockstar beta. Written for [personal profile] princessofgeeks in the [ profile] tealc_ficathon on a prompt about Teal'c's life in the alternate timeline. This fic was going to be based on a completely different FiaD prompt 64 hours ago. Eeep.

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So, [ profile] jacksamfriends author names have finally been revealed! Yay! Check out the masterlist to see who actually wrote that fic you'd been enjoying. I'm still so amazed at the response and the quality of stories. I know I said it before, but still...I'm just glad everyone seemed to have so much fun with it.

This was my humble offering (of course it was the LONGEST entry):

Title: The Long Night
Rating: PG
Warning/Spoilers: set anytime after beg S4
Prompt(s): (1) In a firefight, offworld, waiting for backup; (2) telescopes/stargazing in general; (3) Should Pluto still be classified as a planet (one for, one against)
Summary: Sam and Jack are holed up with an alien weapon and under siege.

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Title: Countdown
Rating: PG
Characters: Daniel Jackson (references to Jack, Sam, and Teal'c)
Category: Angst; Action/Adventure
Spoilers: Set any classic team season
Word Count: 500
Summary: Daniel has a plan to save his friends.

Author's Notes: Another of my icon ficlets (Woot! Finally one that fits in a comment!) This one for [ profile] sg_betty's icons: and . Coincidentally *whistles innocently*, it's also sg_betty's birthday. What timing. ;-) Thanks to [ profile] abyssinia4077 and [ profile] astrumporta for betaing.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 characters are owned by MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people not me. No infringement or monetary gain intended or implied by this "homage".

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Title: What Would Jack Do? (A series of ficlets)
Rating: PG
Characters: SG-1 (classic team; S6; S8; S9 variations); other SGC personnel
Category: Angst; Drama; Humor; Episode Related; Hurt Comfort; Friendship; Character Studies
Spoilers: Anything up through late Season Nine (astro's not watched ten yet)
Word Count: Total ~10,300 (individual ficlet size varies)
Summary: SG-1 and other SGC members get in situations where they follow a Jack O'Neill philosophy–bitch and eat cake.

Author's Notes: Another of my icon ficlets, this one for [ profile] astrogirl2's use of [ profile] nomadicwriter's icon:

(Meant to do double duty as her birthday fic last little late, nomad!) It was supposed to be a few short paragraphs and turned into a "thing" of ten ficlets along this common theme. Thanks to betas [ profile] fabrisse and especially [ profile] zats_clear who helped me over some blockage humps too.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 characters are owned by MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people not me. No infringement or monetary gain intended or implied by this "homage".

No Cake For You )

To the Victor Go the Spoils )

Poundcake )

Cake and Sympathy )

Let Them Eat Cake )

Whipped Dream )

Triple Layer Bittersweet Chocolate )

Let the Crumbs Fall Where They May )

Take the Cake )

Peace of Cake )
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Happy belated birthday [ profile] aelfgyfu_mead! (I swore today was the ninth, and I've been struggling for something for you for a day and a half! Finally I've got this...unbetaed scene thingie. Hope you like it!)

Title: Al'kesh Answers
Category: Sam&Daniel friendship; Humor; Drama
Warning/Spoilers: No warning; Spoilers for S3 (set between Pretense and Maternal Instinct)

Summary: Daniel and Sam work together in a relatively quiet moment for SG-1.

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You know, I was going to post more of these comment fics together...but since my muse is VERY BAD and understanding the concept of "comment fic", I'm just publishing them one at a time anyway. (Third will be coming shortly).

Title: DragonPony (f/n/a "Beanpot is Eevvvviiilllll")
Category: Action Adventure/Humor/Team Friendship; Episode Tag
Warnings: PG for violence
Spoilers: Ep tag for "Babylon"

Summary: Cam is caught in a nightmarish scenario.

Author's Notes: Done off [ profile] beanpot's icon.
Which is why this fic was orginially titled: "Beanpot is EEVVVIIIILLLLLL!"

I'm still not sure how my muse started with crackfic, and ended up with angsty episode tag...

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The first of my so called "comment fics" that took three and a half comments to fit. Hopefully the muse will feel more cooperative at learning the term "short". :-D

Title: Bra'tac's Bomb
Category: Action/Adventure
Spoilers/Warnings: PG-13 for violence. Set any classic season (yes astro, you can read it)

Author's Notes: Icon fic based off [ profile] annerbhp's awesomesauce Bra'tac icon...

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Title: Statements Unspoken
Category: Missing Scene; Teal'c and Daniel friendship (references Daniel/Sha're)
Warnings/Spoilers: Secrets and previous
Word Count ~1500

Summary: Daniel confronts Teal'c on leaving Amaunet in the cave.

Author's Note: For my fellow gen lover [ profile] sg_fignewton's birthday. Thanks to [ profile] beanpot and [ profile] fabrisse for betaing for me.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters is the property of MGM, Gekko, Double Secret Productions, and a host of other people that are not me. No copyright infringement expressed or implied; no monetary gain sought or received; yadda yadda legal boilerplate.

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Title: The Lollipop Guild
Category: Crackfic, Humor
Characters: Classic SG-1 team
Rating: PG (for very mild language)

Summary: SG-1's diplomatic mission has gone bad, and now they're stuck in an unusual cell.

Written in honor of the [ profile] redial_the_gate community hitting over 200 members. All the redial mods decided to thank everyone in true Stargate style--with oz themed crackfic (emphasis on *crack*, heh). Enjoy!

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Title: All In A Name
Rating: PG
Warnings: No serious ones; don't trip over the cliches
Category: Humor; Crack!fic
Characters: Classic SG-1, Jack and Daniel focused
Summary: Jack's mouth has created a diplomatic snafu. Now he and Daniel are paying the price.
Word Count: approx 1350

Disclaimer: The characters of Stargate SG-1 are owned by MGM, Double Secret, Gekko Productions, and a host of other people who are not me. Not done for commercial gain and no infringement intended.

Author's Notes: This is a joint-birthday fic for one of my best R.L friends JB, and for fandom friend [ profile] astrumporta, a super sweet gal and a great SG-1 fan. I know you love slash, Michelle, but hopefully this gen fic will come close enough. :-) Thanks to [ profile] pepper_field (and Mr. Pepper) for their help in betaing and checking choreography.

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Title: Guard Duty
Spoilers: Season Two, Need
Warnings: None

Summary: Guard Duty is usually boring, even when the princess take

Author's Notes: Heh, my first fic that could fit in one lj comment!

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Title: The Archway
Rating/Warning: PG (for action scenes)
Spoilers: Season 8 (anytime after "Zero Hour")
Written for: [ profile] nandamai in the [ profile] sg1teamficathon. Nanda wanted: "The original team stranded offworld. Could be in S8 or later (i.e., General Jack with D, S, and T), or in an earlier season. An unusual setting and an action-adventure plot are optional but would make me squee. And lots of teamy goodness, of course!" And didn't want: "Cam or Vala. Apocafic. First-person narration."

Summary: When SG-1 goes missing on an Ancient planet, General O'Neill may be the only one who can get them out. But more danger awaits than Jack knows.

Author's Notes: I read the prompt as Season Eight team being first choice, so hope nanda approves. Thanks to [ profile] abyssinia4077 for her translation advice, to [ profile] redbyrd_sgfic who read it as a wip, and to final beta(s)[ profile] fabrisse and [ profile] beanpot.

The Archway )
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(I know, two fics within 24 hours! I'll hopefully stop spamming you. LOL)

Title: Trauma Confusion
Category:Gen. Crackfic
Main Characters: Classic SG-1, Janet Fraiser, Original Character
Genre: Humor
Warnings: probable butchering of medical authenticity
Rating: Family/G
Summary: Two accident victims enter the Colorado Springs emergency room with some strange symptoms.

Disclaimer: The characters and settings of Stargate: SG-1 are owned by MGM, Double Secret Productions, Sci-Fi, and a host of others who are not me. No money is sought or exchanged in this fan work, nor is it intended to infringe on their rightful copyright or trademarks. Merely an homage.

Author's Notes: This was "supposed" to be a comment crack fic based on discussion in this Canon v. Fanon post about how many times SG teams would be pricked from all the pre and post mission bloodwork. As usual, my muse was too longwinded and less cracky for commentfic, but at least it makes a birthday fic for [ profile] sg_fignewton. Happy birthday, fig! Thanks to [ profile] abyssinia4077 for giving it a looksee. Since my medical knowledge is as either a patient or from watching ER, I make no claims of medical authenticity. LOL

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ETA: "Trauma Confusion" has inspired [ profile] linnet_101 to do Crack Cartoon Fic (with bonus sequel comment fic). Both are disturbingly funny.
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Title: Runcible Spoon
Author: [ profile] aurora_novarum
Rating: G/Family
Warnings: None
Genre: Action/Adventure
Pairings:Sam & Daniel friendship; Classic Team friendship
Spoilers: Set early Season 4-ish.

Summary: While their teammates enjoy the benefits of an "easy mission", Daniel and Sam explore a fascinating cave on an uninhabited planet. What could go wrong?

Author's Notes: Written for the [ profile] sd_ficathon for [ profile] sg_fignewton, who wanted : "early season, off-world, Sam and Daniel solving something together" and didn't want language, sexual situations, overly dark ending Hopefully this fits the bill, er, prompt. Jack and Teal'c got jealous, so it turned into a teamy thing at the end. Knowing fig as I do, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping she won't mind. *bg* Thanks to beta Fabrisse, who amongst her fab advice came up with the title.

Disclaimer: Usual disclaimer--merely an "homage" to the wonderful characters and settings owned by MGM, SciFi, Gekko, Double Secret, etc, etc. and a ton of other people who are not me. My story is just playing in this universe.

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This story's just some light fluff trying to rev my muse back into gear after my illness. Unbetaed, so all mistakes are definitely my own.

Title: Netscapade
Category: Gen
Pairings/Characters: Season 9 Team
Genre: Action/Adventure; Humor
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Set post 9.09 "Prototype", but no specific spoilers
Rating: Family/General
Summary: SG-1 is "all tied up" off world.

Disclaimer: The characters and settings of Stargate: SG-1 are owned by MGM, Double Secret Productions, Sci-Fi, and a host of others who are not me. No money is sought or exchanged in this fan work, nor is it intended to infringe on their rightful copyright or trademarks. Merely an homage.

Author's Notes: This fic was inspired by Teal'c's canonical love of "Star Wars" combined with a common icon reportedly made by [ profile] littlekfru and that I've seen used by [ profile] sg_fignewton and others of a stick figure SG-1 tied up together (in fact figgy was kind to leave fb, and you can see it in the comments below).

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Title: Interference
Rating: G
Completed: Yes
Category:Gen (References to past Daniel/Sha're)
Genre: Missing Scene/Ep Related (Full Circle/Orpheus); Angst, Drama; Adventure

Summary: Ascended Beings have a rule that no one should interfere in the lower planes; Daniel Jackson has never been one to blindly follow arbitrary rules.

Warnings: References to canon deaths of minor characters

SPOILERS: "Full Circle", "Orpheus", "Threads". Other vague events and characters from S9/S10 are touched upon, but nothing past "Pegasus Project", and unless you are a rabid spoiler-phobe, not knowing S9/S10 should not be an issue reading the fic.

Author's Notes: As always, many thanks to my beta Fabrisse, and wanton adoration to [ profile] redbyrd_sgfic, who was my alpha-beta in the early draft when Daniel was flailing around (bad Daniel) and not keeping me focused. Any errors are my own.

Interference )
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Title: Az'heni
Category: Gen; Sam; team friendship; father/daughter (Jacob/Sam)
Rating: Pre-teen/PG
Warnings: None
Genre: Angst; Adventure; Drama; Ficathon Challenge
Spoilers: Very Early Season 3 (after Sam's promotion, pre-Seth)
Summary: A stressful first encounter with some offworld natives leads to more of the unexpected and causes Sam to wrestle with some of her recent past.

Author's Notes: Written for the all gen [ profile] samcarterfic the prompter asked for Jacob & Selmak, Sam's teammates, and a white fluffy scarf, with no depressing ending or flashbacks to Sam's childhood. Special thanks to [ profile] moonshayde and [ profile] never_at_home for alpha/beta duty.

Az'heni )


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