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2009. My rebellious year. But it's still been a busy year fandomwise. I organized my first ficathon ever! And it turned out better than I ever dreamed. jacksamfriends was a quirky setup, but lots of fun (at least I had fun, and I gathered others did too), with LOTS of great fic as a result.

There was a big dry spell in the middle of the year, but I did do some dvd commentaries on fic. I even made icons! Go me!

Still busy with redial_the_gate. I can't believe we're in Season Six. I remember when were thinking, omg, we're going to do ten seasons? This will take years! And we're well over half-way there.

I've been a bad wiki editor for Solutions Stargate wiki. At least I've still been doing transcripts. Some of Atlantis, all of Universe to date. I still have to get back to doing the dvd commentary recaps for the comm site and stuff. Just getting a bit burned out sometimes. (As always, if anyone wants to volunteer to write up something for ANY of the Stargates, in the wiki, poke me!)

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Wow, I was quite prolific this year. Twenty stories all told (compared to 14 last year). Some of which is because I got the crazy idea in my head to write birthday fics for a lot of people on my flist. I failed at some and still owe people others, so...I don't think I'm going to try that again this year. My personal WIP list grew cobwebs (and got a bit bigger). It was very fun to use my writing powers for others.

(I'd planned to do twenty-one, but stupid muse is being too talky).

Most of my fic fit within ONE lj entry, so that was new and unusual. Overall--well, I was kind of middle of the road. I didn't have too many absolute clunkers, but not sure how many fics I'd consider my best ever, either. It was an interesting exploring/playing with writing as hobby year for me.

I also did two "dvd commentaries" on fanfic. I made a banner (two actually, but one's not ready for prime time reveal yet). I made some more icons (not that they're necessarily any better than my others, but it was fun).

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ETA: All fic links have been edited to Dreamwidth entries.

2007 was my usual rec'cing, ficcing, and metaing. Had health issues through the spring and summer which curtailed, but did not stop, my fannishness. (Considering I wrote 13 stories!!!...perhaps "curtailed" is not a good word; "enabled" may be more apt). Did two ficathons, [ profile] sd_ficathon (Sam and Daniel goodness YAY!) and the [ profile] sg1teamficathon, which was a lot of fun to do, especially since that ficathon was one of the things that inspired me to join lj (aren't you all sorry, heh).

I've continued my work in the Stargate Wiki, helping them finish the final transcripts for Season Ten, and continued towards my goal to have every planet in the SG-1 universe have an article finished. I'm quite anal about it. Plus, with the wonderful assistance of [ profile] suzannemarie, I started doing dvd commentary recaps at the [ profile] sg1_solutions lj site. We're almost done Season Ten (I know I've got to get back to it), and then we'll go back where we left off in Season 4 and...wherever suzanne was in her masochistic Gary Jones saga.

I also got involved in helping start the [ profile] redial_the_gate which has turned into an amazing community of squee for fans of ship/slash/gen. The recaps are gen oriented, but the meta, chats and fandom works posted are for all kinds. I love seeing the different perspectives of people watching this same show. We never dreamed when this comm started it would take off like that. And considering most of my December posts have been some kind of pimpage for the comm...y'all are probably tired of me going on about it. :-)

I can't find the actual "fics written meme" to remember what questions they asked, so I'm just doing mini metas on the stories I've written in 2007. They're listed here in order of when written:
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