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Yes, you read that right, fic. The 150th round of SG1 Five Things has been published, and I took a prompt.

Go here to read all the awesome fic

I committed my own entry off "Five Reasons the Galaxy Speaks So Much English". It was just a bit of fun.

Title: English Stories
Rating: G
Category: Gen. Ficlets. Humor

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Hey all!

Rec'cing a few things.

First: [profile] sg1_five_things is celebrating their 150th set of prompts. The unveiling's tomorrow, but there's still time if you want to write a quick comment.

Speaking of five things, [personal profile] eilidh17 wrote up a Five Times SG-1 Left Daniel Offworld that's absolutely wonderful.

In other fandoms, I've been attracted to some fics recced to me.
Doctor Who: [personal profile] jadethe2nd wrote An awesome Nine/River story. And yes, you read that right. Actually it's not really AU. It could really work with canon! And y'all know I'm so pedantic when it comes to insanely minor canon stuff...

Farscape and DW and Pretender and everything else, [profile] astrogirl2's been playing around with some tiny ficlet plot bunnies of late and you should just go read at her journal. But while I'm rec'cing astro, an oldie but a goodie, in case you've never read the best Doctor Who/Calvin & Hobbes crossover. You have to at least read that one.
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See, I am still around! Yes, I mostly lurk and comment rather than write in my own journal, but I am still here! *waves to flist*

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm still loving my new job but it's keeping me very very very busy. I'm usually brain and computer fried by teh time I catch up on my flist. However, I did wander around this week and discovered [personal profile] paian rec'cing a round robin kind of fic set up on Dreamwidth.

It's called [community profile] arboreal_gate. It's for gen/het/slash/femslash and any kind of Gateverse you like, SG-1, SGA, or SGU. Write a scene. Write a line. Start a new one. Branch an existing WIP into a new direction.

I just wrote a scene in a second version of a fic Fluffy Branch 2. The team's returned from a strange offworld experience and now they've got problems of their own.

Go enjoy the fics there, or play yourselves!
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I'm copying this from [personal profile] penknife:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story. (1 to 3 sentences is a rough estimate).
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I just read an absolutely wonderful Episode Tag for the AU world of "Point of No Return". Under a Cloudless Sky is Alternate Daniel's introduction to the SGA by AU Sam.

[personal profile] stringertheory does a fantastic job world building the devastation, physically and emotionally in the aftermath of the episode, and she does so much with the characters.

Plus it features my favorite team members and I'm a sucker for outsiders view/first impressions of the Stargate program, so it hit some good fic buttons for me. (Gen Worksafe)
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Okay, so I had looked at things and decided that for my birthday, I would take the plunge and get an e-reader.

I'd even decided on a nook (although I still waver between classic and color). And I got bn gift cards as rewards things that I can use and am all set to purchase it.

And then amazon goes and announces the new kindle family including a baby-i-pad kinda thing and cheaper prices and...

So now what do I do? The things that impressed me about the nook were library loans (which I know the new kindle will use) and the droid platform, which I love.

Any advice anyone?
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Okay, so I've played in the icon meme again (crossposted to dw and lj).

If you want to play,

1. Reply to this post with "excalibur", and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

I really wonder that my friends picked a lot of the same icons.

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I know I haven't been around much of late. Work and life and family funerals and work again have just had me going non-stop.

But I have been lurking from time to time. And I've seen some lovely fic, especially in the last few days! Here's a list of a few cute stories I've run across:

Bad Birthdays by [personal profile] thothmes is a great group of ficlets, each one wonderful of a not so great birthday for various Stargate characters. My personal favorites are Teal'c's, Sara's and Shau'ri's, but there's something in there for every taste. (make sure to read BOTH parts).

Two People Talking by [personal profile] sallymn, is a fantastic little crossover with Jack O'Neill and Orac of Blake's 7. I know *nothing* about Blake's 7 except that a few of my flist think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, from the Jack perspective, completely awesome!

Sound by cyren. This is a wonderful Jonas vignette exploring some of his own aftereffects post-Meridian. Characterization is great.

New Years Eve Janet and Daniel spent together by cnardian. Daniel/Janet in one but the other could read as ship or gen (with some teamy goodness!). Plus JANET!!!! (Also, there's other fics that spun off from them that are older and I never knew about before. So AWESOME BONUS FIC! *be sure to read the grilled cheese incident*

See, I've been doing SOMETHING in my spare time! ;-)
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Title: Dear SGC Advisor...
Authors: [personal profile] aurora_novarum & [personal profile] holdouttrout
Category: Humor; Gen; Classic Team Era
Word Count: 1600

Summary: With everything SG teams and staff encounter, who can they turn to and get some honest, practical advice?

Aurora's Author Note: This fic was inspired by a random joke-comment [personal profile] holdouttrout made in a chat that inspired my silly muse with a plot bunny. In revenge, I corralled her into helping me write it. No matter what she may say, we're equal partners (unless there's some screwup, then it's definitely my fault, heh).

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My latest attempt at five things turned into five very distinct ficlets, so they get titles and everything. Most are classic team, but a Season 10 era snuck in there as well. :-)

PG rated, mostly Gen. Very teamy. :-)

The theme was: "Five times SG1 narrowly escape without even knowing it"

Goa'uld Dismay )

But For A Moment... )
Just A Routine Day )

A Perfect Trap )
A Narrow Escape )
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I played with an sg-1 five things prompt over on lj land, and came up with not one but TWO variations. Both gen and very short!

Five Ways Daniel Would Run )

Reasons Daniel Runs--Cat-in the Hat Style )
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Well Halloween's right around the corner, so of course I'm reposting my list of Halloween/Spooky recs. Even if you've read them, it's a good time for a reread of a good spooky (or silly) tale, right? I'll admit, this list is pretty identical to my 2009 entry. But...

I can finally include an entry of my own for it:
Haunted Ship Odyssey's crew thinks their ship is haunted.

Others on the list:

Resurrection Meriet by [profile] sidlj (gen, team)

Shadow over Chatsworth (SGA/SG-1 crossover) by [personal profile] saffronhouse (gen, team (mostly Daniel & Rodney), R for violence)

Ghost in the Machine, an SGA fic by [personal profile] sholio (gen john/rodney friendship).

Not to be confused with SG-1 Ghost in the Machine by Anais. (J/D slash)

Veil by [personal profile] eve11 (gen, team).

Shadows of Fear by [profile] traycer_ (PG, team)

Yet Another SG-1 Adventure by [profile] minnow1212 (gen, team).

The Slumbering Place of Stars by [personal profile] surreallis (gen, team, R for violence).

WWZD (crack fic) by [personal profile] poohmusings with sequel fic (gen, team, warning for laughter).

You Are My Sunshine by Travelling One (gen, Daniel centric team, R for well creepiness that can make your imagination go nuts, hee).

Diers Anonymous. Not spooky but a crackfic about various fandom's constantly reanimated characters (like Daniel) (Gen).

list of zombie fics culled together by [personal profile] splash_the_cat.

group of spooky fics done by [personal profile] holdouttrout.

group of spooky fics by [personal profile] nandamai.

There's also an annual multifandom [personal profile] spook_me ficathon that goes live tomorrow. No idea about Stargate entries on it.

Frambu Juice by [profile] amaranthraces

Additions Are Welcome in Comments (especially self-pimps!)
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[personal profile] cleothemuse and a few others have created a new Stargate Awards for SG-1. is also a whole fic/artwork archive site. And the nominations have ended. You MAY BE A NOMINEE AND NOT EVEN KNOW IT!

Here's the list of authors they haven't heard from yet. If you're on here, or if you know how to get in touch with some of these names, I think the mods would appreciate the help.

I was on the list myself! Wow! The announcement got routed to my spam folder and I never thought to check. I had only briefly noted they were starting up by cleo's posts on my flist, but was too rushed at the time to explore. It was today's post that got my attention.

I am very honored two of my stories have gotten nommed! Haunted Ship and Interference! Thanks to whoever nominated me. It really was a pleasant surprise that my stories were thought of enough by someone to include them in the list.

Congrats to all the nominees! I think voting is starting on the 12th for people who just want to check out everything there.
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Title: No Accounting for Taste
Category: Classic Team, Humor
Word Count: ~650
Spoilers: Anytime Sam is a major.

Summary: Teal'c snorted and shook his head, the shuddering wracking his body finally becoming still. It didn't hide their unease even after he repeated with a hint of impatience, "I am fine."

Author's Note: Written for [ profile] one_prompt prompt of "Breathe". Thanks to [personal profile] holdouttrout for beta.

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Title: Ode de Terre
Rating: PG, General Audience
Characters: Stargate Atlantis Team: Teyla Emmagan, John Sheppard, Ronon Dex, Rodney McKay, Elizabeth Weir, (Carson Beckett cameo)
Category: Drama, Team, Mystery
Word Count: ~8,800 words
Spoilers: Set soon after Season 3's "Tao of Rodney"

Summary: Why are Milky Way Stargate chevrons etched into an old cave?

Author's Notes: Written for [profile] seldear for [ profile] help_haiti. Thanks for her and their patience at my long delay. Thanks to [personal profile] annerb for being alpha & beta. Disclaimers found at index. My first SGA fic, hope it didn't turn out too badly!

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FanVid Rec

May. 10th, 2010 02:15 pm
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I was searching for the High School Never Ends music vid, because I love it as my "happy place" video and wanted to link it to [profile] tafkarfanfic.

I then realized the same vidder came up with a few more, and this one especially caught my eye. You know how SG-1 can be seen as one big happy, dysfunctional family? MilenaDaniels takes it to higher levels with this cracky country song with a main pairing of Ba'al/Adria. Yes, you read that. Just trust me.

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Yes, I'm doing it again.

Phoenix Gate Rises Again
[community profile] phoenix_gate is starting up its ficathon again. Prompts are being requested here. Phoenix-gate is resurrecting all those dead and/or forgotten secondary characters of SG-1 and SGA (not SGU yet, because it's only got half a season under it's belt). Gen/Het/Slash/Femmeslash/OT# are all welcome.

So if you're itching to read more about Janet or Hammond (and lets face it, who isn't?) or even Chuck the Atlantis chevron dude, run over to phoenix gate and let them know. (see icon for other inspiring secondary. Hee!) P.S. Prompting doesn't commit you to write. Signups for writing will be in the near future.

Stargate on Chinese Proverbs
Also, you may want to check out a new multi-fandom ficathon called [community profile] 36_stratagems (mirror comm here on live journal. The comm is running equally on both lj and dw.

Based on 36 stratagems on politics and war, these proverbs are the inspiration for fic prompts. You sign up, you'll randomly get assigned a proverb, and go to town. (If you want to see the proverbs themselves, moderator [profile] ultranos_fic provided this handy link. Like I said, it's multifandom, so do anything from White Collar to Leverage, Hercules to Lost, but obviously I'm partial to Stargate (SG-1) entries. :-)

I'm still on my vow not to do anything until I get my help_haiti fic done, but hey, I'm on page 11! There are words! There are scenes! There is progress! Go me! So hopefully I'll get to play with everyone else soon. :-)
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Oooh, it's "Pi Day!" Pie for everybody!

Including the SGC (and a few SGA members). Pie Day

(yes, I'm cheating and it's a link to an old story. The muse has not been cooperative of late--much to the chagrin of my [ profile] help_haiti winner. I keep plugging at it!)
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This is a sequel to [personal profile] annerb's awesome Ode to the Beta.

Being a lucky beta to a few writers, including annerb, this love deserved a response.

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Links of coolness.

Evening the Odds was [personal profile] cleothemuse's answer to The One Prompt comm on lj and it's a hilarious look at Reynolds's philosophy of being a team leader.

To Dance on the Floor in a Round by [personal profile] pepper is a great team story. I'm not a fan of this genre, but this "realistic" spin on a very cracky cliche will have you laugh and cry.

Rumor Mill by cowardly lion is a "comic" aby rec'ced. You'd think the screencaps used were posed specifically for cowardly lion's story. Hilarious.

And last but not least:

The Baby Job. A Leverage fic by [personal profile] beanpot (featuring stargazer's Baby Thor!) Even as a straight up story, it's character perfect.

*laughs that two of my fic recs involve babies...well three from a certain point of view*

ETA: Oh, and a pimping rec. Solutions Site has gone through a site redesign. It's still being doctored with new features, but the main page is done and the news blog has been updated (with tags for the main cast for all three shows to make it easier to find tidbits about your favorite actor).

You may want to check out the retrospectives that DeeKay has been doing of all the past seasons of SG-1 and SGA (she calls them 13 for 13, but what they are is a look back at the cast and crew's thoughts about the seasons from back then. It's a kinda neat walk down memory lane.


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